Thursday, 30 December 2010

Golden Boy

(Ken Gigliotti/Winnipeg Free Press)

Atop the provincial legislature building is a gilded statue that's a bit over 17' in height. He's the Golden Boy. And every now and then, the local Free Press publishes some really nice photos of him. This was in this morning's paper.

Our Golden Boy is 92 years old... and he's from France. Cast in 1918. Looks pretty good for such an old guy, doesn't he? Probably because he spent a few months at the 'spa' in 2002... He was getting a bit rusty in the bottom and losing his lustre, so they lowered him down for a complete make over.

He even got to be rededicated by the Queen when he was stuck back on the building, some 250 feet above the ground. Personally, I think he's kinda cool... and a definite eye catcher in the bright sunlight!


  1. Well, there's going to be some shrinkage, given the cold...

  2. What a wonderful photo! It's nice to see something in the news that is pretty instead of ugly. ;)

  3. XL: Yeah... especially today with the wind... it feel like -30 out there. I know... I just walked the dog.

    Hope: Ain't that the truth! :-)

  4. I hate it when my bottom gets rusty.

    Happy New Year to you, dear. Stay warm and out of the snowbanks.

  5. I myself have never had a rusty bottom, a bit auburn, but never rusty! Well done to himself! :¬)


  6. UB: Then don't sit out in the rain! ;-) Happy New Year to you also, my friend! It's bitterly cold here but not much more new snow.

    Map: Ha! ;-) xoxoxo

  7. He's lovely but I can't quite work out his anatomy:)

  8. Happy New Year!
    Turn it up to 11!

  9. Oooh I like the Golden Boy! Very cool


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