Sunday, 12 December 2010

Just about done

I finished my Christmas shopping today. In fact, I just started yesterday. I know, I know... procrastinator! But it's also waiting for a payday that isn't completely spoken for, and managing to find things that fit in the budget.

I spent numerous hours this weekend trudging through stores and malls, braving the crowds (which weren't as bad as I thought they would be) and trying to find deals. My feet are rebelling. I have crap for feet anyway and when I spend that much time tromping about, they let me know they are not at all pleased! I haven't taken my socks off yet, but they may resemble these:

This evening will be spent wrapping the presents. Tomorrow will be a trip to the post office or bus depot to send things where they need to go. I haven't even mailed cards yet! I am sooooo bad... and it just seems to get worse as I get older. Not sure why, but there's a pattern I've noticed.

(I may be wishing I had as many hands as Stitch here... they'd come in handy.)

The wrapping will have to take place behind closed doors. I do not need the assistance (or sabotaging) of a couple of little cats, nor the potential for dog spit on anything. After that, it'll be up with the feet and some hot chocolate liberally spiked with Baileys, plus my book (thank you, LHB - I will get it finished one day...).

Any baking I have even remotely thought of doing will have to wait for another day...


  1. I ignore Xmas season preparations until the Monday after Thanksgiving. Usually have everything done by the 15th.

    Of course if you did that, you would have two and a half months of lead-time!

  2. I hope mine is HUGE and EXPENSIVE! :¬)


  3. You have PLENTY of time! Just shy of two weeks. Relax. Sounds like everything is under control.

  4. You do strange things.

  5. Yikes, saltwater and margaritas will cure ya.

  6. It's nice to know that you're not perfect, now that I've had a gander at your feet.

    You know, you oughta put something on them—maybe a little lotion would soften them up a bit.

  7. XL: you're way too organized for me! ;-)

    Savannah: Thanks! Everything's boxed, just waiting on one address then off to the post office. xoxoxo

    Map: It fills the universe and is priceless! It's LOVE!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. UB: Yes, things are almost under control. I'm more relaxed, although not completely done yet!

    Mago: Strange??? Now why would you say that... ;-)

    Sausage: Oh yes! I loves me a good margarita! And salt water cures pretty much anything, especially when accompanied by sun and heat. Unfortunately, I have developed an allergy to tequila, so any 'ritas must be made with vodka... which isn't the same, really.

    Charlie!!!! So nice to have you here!!! Oh no, I am not at all perfect... especially my feet. They are quite substandard. Defective even. Hope the air is getting in where it's supposed to. ((hugs)) xoxoxo

    LHB: Still technical problems but perhaps one day we'll get things sorted. So pleased you were able to make an appearance on here, albeit brief. Stay safe and I'll cross my fingers that your path takes you this way soon! xoxoxoxoxoxo


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