Friday, 10 December 2010

What the hell????

This just popped up on my blog roll:

I nearly had a heart attack! But sadly, no, it's not Our Jimmy...

I don't know who it is... this person seems to have a lot of blogs that say nothing, in many different languages?



  1. The bastard returns? well maybe not just yet.
    Good catch Ponita.
    Eyes open everone, eyes open.
    He will be back.

  2. Wait a minute, this just came up on my blog roll as well? WTF how can it be. is it JB reaching out from some far away place or a bloody imposter?

  3. If you delete your blog, the blog name becomes available again, so anyone else who decides it would make a good name can make it their own.

    Now, because some old blog names are still linked to by previously connected bloggers - like Jimmy's - it's a way for the sneakier spammers and marketers to gain a boost in their google ranking by taking on older names.

    So, someone takes on the name formally used by Jimmy, and of course there are still dozens of blogs linked to it from the days when it was Jimmy's site.

    They can now use the site for whatever they want and have quite a high google rank because of all the blogs already linking to it.

    Now it's clear Jimmy no longer has control of this blog name, and if he ever returns to the world of blogging will have to use another, the best thing anyone still linking to him can do is delete their link.

    Jimmy will never benefit from that link, only the new occupier, who may well be someone who just uses it as a base for spam comments.

  4. @kim...done. thanks for the info re deleted blogs. xoxox

  5. I saw it, too. We're probably all getting a virus by clicking on it but who can resist? It might have been him.

  6. All: I fear Kim is right... and although it pains me to do so, I'm going to delete Jimmy from my blog roll. He'd better make a grand entrance when he does return!!!

  7. I will drop my link then... I was very puzzled.

  8. It's gone again this morn...


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