Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Early Christmas

"Go away... that flash hurts my eyes. I may have to hiss at you..."

LHB was just in town... arriving on Sunday about midday and able to stay until early Tuesday morning. We decided that since his return to our fair (and frozen) city is not known, we'd do the Christmas gift exchange while he was here.

I'd picked up a couple of little things for him, like a bottle of red wine (and a  nice little cloth bottle bag to hide it in), a key chain with his first initial engraved on it, and a box of those absolutely scrumptious dark Ferrero Rocher 'Rondnoir' chocolates with the whole hazelnut in the centre!

We had talked one evening about what each wanted for Christmas, and he'd mentioned he wanted some sweat shirts... good ones... not for work (things can pretty grubby when loading and unloading trucks, hauling tarps all over things, and handling big heavy canvas straps to tie everything securely). 

So I decided to put my skills to good use.

I made him a red fleece quarter zip shirt. He was thrilled to get it and didn't realize at first that I had made it, until I mentioned that I was glad I had lengthened the sleeves a bit.

So here is a photo of him modelling the fleece, but since I haven't asked his permission to post his photo here, I had to lop off his noggin. I'm sure he won't take offense. And if he does, I will have to be especially nice to him the next time he's here! *nudge nudge wink wink*

It's a lovely red, isn't it? The tag on the bolt of fabric said it is 'Cooking Sherry' in colour. I think the white piping stands out nicely. I am very pleased with how it turned out, although I did discover in the construction process that my sewing machine is loathe to do a zigzag stitch. That warrants some investigation. *sigh* After the bobbin incident, I am none too pleased with this development.

I've the first season of a show called 'Sanctuary' to watch (with Amanda Tapping from Stargate in the lead role), some di Sorona Amaretto to enjoy (given to share with my sister when we are having 'girlie' time together - isn't that just so sweet???) plus a weekend of dinner theatre and just the two of us in a hotel room to look forward to!!! *more nudge nudge wink wink!*


  1. Wow! Nice work on the shirt! Looks really comfy.

  2. XL: Thanks! He said it's really warm and soft, so I think that' the epitome of 'comfy'!

  3. Well done, on the sweater! So he knows about your blog? What shows are you seeing?

  4. Nice work! You have definitely won the War of the Bobbin. :)

    I'm sure he'll be glad to show his appreciation at an um...better time. ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  5. That is truly lovely! I'll bet he loved it!

    Merry Christmas, Ponita. Keep warm!


  6. See - them Brits: You can chop their heads off, and they simply refuse to fall down. :)
    Happy Christmas, dear Ponita.

  7. UB: Thanks, and yes, he knows about my blog. He now has one of his own ( Don't know about the shows yet, as we don't know when we'll be doing the weekend show/hotel stint yet. I'm sure it will be short notice, as he never knows when he'll be here until just a few days prior.

    Merry Christmas to you, UB!

    XL: Thank you, kind sir, and a very Happy Christmas to you as well!!

    Hope: Well, I may have won this battle but the old sewing machine is one of the walking wounded!

    A Merry Christmas to you as well!!

    Pearl: He does love it! Which makes me very happy, of course!

    Merry Christmas, Pearl, and you stay warm too! Keep a shovel handy for all that snow... ;-)

    Mago: Those Brits are a hardy bunch, aren't they! Merry Christmas to you also, my friend!

  8. One of the most appreciated presents I gave to MTL recently was a fleece but sadly I am incapable of making one. Yours looks great.


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