Sunday, 21 November 2010


I had cleared all the snow yesterday.... *sigh* Guess what I will be doing again today? I think we got another 10 cms but it's lighter and fluffier than the stuff than fell on Friday/Saturday.

This is the cats' eye view of the deck. The 'hill' is what I piled up yesterday so the meter reader can get to the electrical meter whenever he/she comes around. Yesterday, you could see the deck. Today you can't.

Lila is quite fascinated by all those flakes floating from the sky!

Given the chance, she would catch them. But she never tries to get outside. She's been a house cat her entire life and doesn't seem interested, even when the door is open and she's got a clear track to bolt! She does, however, really like to eat the snow that gets tracked into the house.

Pips, on the other hand, is quite disgusted that the ground is now very cold on her little toes. She desperately wants to go outside, but only if I am carrying her... the little princess!!


  1. Oh, wow! It is pretty though. Too bad there is the reality of having to deal with it.

    Love the Lila pix!

  2. XL: Yeah, it is pretty but a lot of work too. If my back didn't bother me, I really wouldn't care how much snow fell. Lila's a looker, ain't she??

  3. Today it got....warmer. For Thanksgiving this Thursday they're calling for a high of 81...which is 27C for you.


    Oh well, at least we have our friends to keep us warm and/or having kind thoughts. :)

  4. It's gettin' cold here, never like Canadia though! The boiler is acting up again! Bastard! It makes a sound like the neighbours are constantly vacuuming! If only you knew the neighbours, that would be SO funny! :¬)


  5. Hope: 81!!!! WTF! We've been in the deep freeze already.... but they are saying it will warm up a bit to around the freezing mark. Whatever... ;-)

    Map: Uhoh... I hope the boiler doesn't conk out completely. Stay warm!!!! xoxoxo

  6. We are promised snow just in time to ruin plans for a step- daughter's visit and mine to my son. Drat and I've bought the tickets. The cats sound fun.

  7. I so miss having a ton of snow, but I don't miss the shovelling.

  8. You need to build a snowman, fast. Shall we all come over and help?


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