Saturday, 6 November 2010

Head Code

I haz one. Snotty nose, scratchy throat. That kind of stuff. It's not bad. Nothing like the one I had in September. That required medical intervention... antibiotics and steroids. And several days off work. Blech.

No, this time it is a minor annoyance. I suck on lozenges to ease the scratchiness and carry wads of Kleenex. I started taking Cold-FX right away. And stocked up on Dayquil and Nyquil. I've actually had two nights of 8 hour sleeps! Better living through chemistry, right?!?!

Unfortunately, it is courtesy of the LHB. I hate to tell him this. I haven't, yet. He'll feel quite awful, I know. He'll worry that I will get as sick as he did.

He's on the mend, by the way. The new drugs and a good modicum of sleep have done the trick! He was incommunicado for most of Thursday, which had me worried. Turns out when he slept, his phone was turned off (which was why it went straight to voice mail when I called in the afternoon) but then it died. While he was sleeping. So he had to charge it the next day. And then he was in a place where retrieving his voice mail just wasn't possible. He's had that issue in the past.

So he didn't get the subsequent messages I left him later on Thursday, voicing some concern for his health. Because he had sounded like death warmed over when I had last spoken to him. Seriously... and barely warmed at that!

I was worried. Did he succumb to his illness and now have a full blown pneumonia, complete with raging fever and delirium? Alone in his truck? Would I read the paper with a headline like "Body found in truck mired in phlegm"? Did he manage to get himself to a hospital and was he languishing in some ward, no one to visit him, unable to use his phone due to it's dead battery and hospital policy? Sometimes your mind detours quickly to the worst scenario, doesn't it?

But when I finally did speak to him, he was sounding chipper and happy and very much alive. Which was a huge relief to me, let me tell you! Because I want to see where this budding romance might lead. I'm being selfish in that, I know... but he has told me he feels the same, so there you go.

Excuse me while I dig out the neti pot and flush my sinuses... and smile frequently because he'll be back on Monday. :-)


  1. I think that impending smile will cure you. ;)

  2. XL: If I took Nyquil 24/7 I would be unconscious!!! I think I will stick to the recommended 8/24, thanks!

    Hope: Yep, it will! He's called a couple of times today, too. That's a good sign, right? :-)

  3. xxx :¬/

    xxx, zzzzzz...... :¬)

  4. Oh doe, it sucks when your dose is all stubbed up and it hurts when you breed. I'd have thought that cold bugs owed you a wide berth after what you went through in September, but hopefully this will truly be the last one of the season.

    So pleased to hear that things are going well with LHB. Long may it continue! As you know, I'm a tad biased when it comes to gents from across the water. They're a different breed from your run of the mill local yokel, yes?! :)

  5. Milady: Luckily, this cold is (so far) not very bad. Just a runny nose now and some sneezing. The scratchy throat is gone and although stuffy this morning, now I am just drippy. (Are those two of the seven dwarfs tagging along with Sneezy?)

    Thank you... and yes, they are a different breed indeed! He called me not too long ago, tired after a long day driving through the mountains but still wanted to talk. He's very sweet! :-)

  6. One word: Theraflu.

    Nasty tasting stuff but totally effective.

  7. You poor little soul. Hope you get better soon and you can enjoy the company of LHB soon too.

  8. Long Haul Brit!! I have caught up!
    Does this mean that one day you will be visiting Blighty?

  9. I am battling the same thing, try this

    1 cup Scottish whisky
    1 tablespoon of sugar
    squeeze the life out of a lemon
    wee squeeze o' honey
    1 cup of Scottish whisky
    mix, drink, enjoy, forget you have the cold.
    The old Scottish grannies swore by this.
    good luck....

  10. UB: The Dayquil/Nyquil combo is working well. It's not actually that bad, just a runny nose and sneezing. But thanks. Next time I have a bad one, I'll try that.

    Madame: I'm on the mend, and he's on his way! It is now Monday a.m. and he'll be here in a matter of hours! :-D

    Scarlet: Welcome back! And I suppose that may be a possibility one day!

    Mr. Fingers: Hello and welcome! I'm afraid I would make a very poor Scot. I cannot even abide the smell of whiskey, let alone get it past my lips. I think I will stick to the stuff I get from the local pharmacy... But thank you for the recipe. I'll pass it along!

  11. oooh! Catching up too, a LHB in the pipeline, so to speak, good luck with that sugar and don't forget to visit when you're visiting o'er here!

  12. zIggI!!!!! Are you back!?!?!? How the hell are ya, girlie? My gawd, it has been way too long since you've grace the blogosphere with your presence. And yes, if I do visit over there, I will try and see everyone!

  13. My goodness, I would completely have panicked when LHB was incommunicado. I would have worried just as you did. Glad all is well!


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