Friday, 19 November 2010

Happy feet?

Bet you can't tell if these are happy feet or frozen feet.

Overnight low predicted to be -20C (that's just a hair below zero for you south of the border folks) with the windchill estimated at -32C.

I'm betting they are frozen feet... :-(


  1. Too cute. And we had snow last night too! November 19th. Who-da thunk it? Stay warm!

  2. Sweet Mother of Jesus it's only November! And mid-November, at that. Remind me about this post when I'm in the throws of my inevitable mid-February bitch fest.

  3. Andrea: Really?! Very unusual for you! Of course, it's not all that cold either... ;-)

    UB: Yeah... I know... only mid November. I just shovelled a whole shitload of snow from the sidewalks and parking space. My back is killing me. And this is only the start! We got 10 cms of snow (think 4") and it drifts badly across the back gate and parking area all the time. Wish I could afford a yard boy... *sigh*

  4. Mago: No, the snow is too dry. In the winter here, the humidity goes extremely low. Even making a snowball is almost impossible! Spring time is when the snowmen really show up!!

  5. Not even a snowball fight? I am sorry to hear this.

  6. Can I send my wife up north for a few days? That sounds like hot flash heaven. Good luck...


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