Saturday, 27 November 2010

Joined the ranks

It would appear that LHB has decided that becoming a member of the Blogosphere would be a fun thing, so he's gone ahead and set up his own blog.

Check him out here at Trucking in Wheel Life!

He's popped around to a few on my reading list and found Scarlet Blue's list of requirements for a perfect man. Since he'd rather have a perfect woman, he's made his own list. I think I quite like this post. *blushes furiously*


  1. Holy cow, can that fellow write and write and write!

    And what happened to your avatar? I think you have to go to your profile, delete it, and reload it again.

    That is, when you have time not listening to that fellow talk and talk and talk.

  2. Charlie: He can, can't he! And yes, he can talk too. Very well indeed! We have some lovely conversations... in fact, I just finished one with him. :-)

    Will try the avatar reload thing. Not sure why it doesn't show up on his blog followers thingie.

  3. Charlie again: Did the delete and reload thing, but that didn't make any difference. Hm. Need to enlist the help of XL, I think, being the computer wizard that he is.

  4. Oh blimey!
    This is exciting! I will pop over and check him out.

  5. I have been... I have read!
    Well done my girl!

  6. Scarlet: Quite exciting, thanks! All is going smashingly... other than the fact that he's on the road and I am at home. But that's a minor detail, right??? ;-)

    Map: Oh, I think it's like this: :-D


  7. I'm going over now to check him, I mean see how well he writes. ;)


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