Friday, 26 November 2010

Quick update

I've zipped about and caught up on reading the blogs on my reading list, but have not really posted many comments. Simply because time has been an issue. Things have been busy, okay?

Well, alright, I'll fess up. It hasn't been all work and no play!

There has been work involved. There has even been overtime involved. A bit, anyway. Always nice to get a pay cheque that has some overtime and a stat on it!!! Especially this close to Christmas.

Last weekend was spent shoveling a lot of that white stuff around... both Saturday and Sunday. Because it snowed Friday and Saturday nights. I just get things all cleaned up on Saturday, only to awake on Sunday to even more of the damn stuff clogging up the areas I had already cleared!

The nerve!

My back was not at all appreciative of the workout it got. In fact, it complained rather loudly on Monday. I had to quiet things down with some (legal) drugs. And a trip to the chiropractor on Tuesday.

Especially since the shoveling was compounded with vacuuming and washing floors. Sunday is housework day in my little hovel, whether I like it or not. It's the one day I am guaranteed off, so for some reason I tend to save all the housework for that day. I always pay for it too. You'd think I would have learned by now to break things up into little bits spread out over a few day, but no...

Monday saw the arrival of LHB (yay!) back in to town from the West Coast. He'd wandered up to northern BC, then back to the Vancouver area, waited around for a load, stashed that on his truck and then blasted back here. The stuff is heading south of the border... way south... but doesn't need to be delivered until the 29th, so he took a few days to hang out in the city with me.

I left work on Monday and met him for a drink at a bar close to home. We then wandered over to the grocery store and picked up supplies for dinner. He made us chicken curry over basmati and wild rice. Very yummy! Gotta love a man who cooks! And cooks well, at that. :-)

I did have to work again on Tuesday but came home to the smell of beef stroganoff being prepared. Nothing like a warm hug and a cold drink to greet you when you get home from work! We even had a lovely fruit salad with squirty cream to finish the meal! Watched a movie... talked... snuggled... and really enjoyed each other's company. ;-)

Wednesday I had the day off. The weather was crap, though, with lots of wind and snow... yet again. *sigh* We drove around to do some shopping, only to have his car start to clunk and lurch. Not a good sign! So it was back to my house, a call to his mechanic, and take both vehicles so his can be dropped off. They get it for a couple weeks to work on at their leisure, providing it's done by the time he gets back into town. We then continued our outing around town in my vehicle and headed back home in time to say forget it to cooking and order a pizza for dinner.

I spent part of the evening trying to solve a computer issue he's been having. Have worked on it a bit but won't know the outcome until he can get online again and let me know how things are working. (Which can be tough to do when you are in the middle of Nowhere, Canada stuck in a snow storm just north of the Great Lakes waiting for the highway to reopen so you can continue your run down south.)

He had to be back on the road again on Thursday, so it was a very early (like, 5:00 a.m.) morning so I could get him to his truck (and he very kindly shoveled the snow from everywhere while I walked the dog at about 5:45), say our goodbyes (insert sad face here) and get to work on time in the snow with horrible driving conditions. I pulled into my parking spot right at 7:30, which is when I am supposed to be starting work. Needless to say, I wasn't the only one who was a few minutes late! The roads were atrocious!! Lots of cars and pickups spun out and ended up in the ditches.

So the whole gist of things is we are both very fond of each other. Things are going smashingly, to borrow a British term. Of course, his being on the road again makes things somewhat difficult, but we are dealing with that as best we can. He's a lovely guy and I'm very much liking the exploration. :-)


  1. Take it easy with the back! Can you get a snow blower or something?

  2. XL: I'd love to have a snow blower but it's just not in the budget. So I will have to stick with the shovel and beg Mother Nature to go easy on the snow for the rest of the winter!

  3. Good luck to you, Pon, I'm glad you've met someone nice.
    Getting chilly over here as well... you can laugh at us whinging!

  4. A man who cooks, willingly, is a gem! That may be the favorite part of my commute: coming in to find Hubby has started [or cooked!] dinner.

    Keeping my fingers crossed. I'll try to blow some of our warmth your way. :)

  5. Scarlet: Thanks! And the chill is all relative, isn't it... Even people who live in California wear parkas and hats in the winter there, and it doesn't even get down to freezing very often!

    Hope: He is a gem, for sure! Yours too, from the sounds of it. :-)

    Blow hard... it will take that warm air a while to melt all this snow! :-\

  6. Are you sure it was the snow clearing and not 'snuggling' with LHB that threw your back out? ;-)

  7. Ah. Shoveling is a contact sport, isn't it?!

    Bought a snowblower four years ago and I still rank it as one of my best buys to date...



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