Thursday, 18 November 2010

It is now mid November and we are just getting our first real taste of winter. It is, most unfortunately, in the form of an Alberta Clipper.

We are currently experiencing light snow with plummeting temperatures, with the promise of about 15 cms of snow and a further drop in the mercury. I'm really not sure who decides how Winter should makes its entrance each year, but this really is a rather rude way of showing up.

The two provinces just to the west have been pummeled with wind and snow and cold, with accumulations of up to about 20 cms in places. This means heavy equipment on the streets to clean up the drifts so that actually using your car is again possible.

It is times like this that I am very glad I decided to buy a 4 wheel drive SUV. Even with that, though, it was still slippery driving home from work this evening (after a 12 hour shift) and I am so not looking forward to walking the dog!!!

And given that LHB is now enroute from BC (furthest province to the west) back to Winnipeg, on a journey that will take him to Florida by the 29th of the month, I am just a tad concerned about the road conditions he'll be traveling through. Having spoken with him this evening, and knowing that the pass through the Rockies is closed tonight because of the weather, I decided that he needed a Guardian Angel to watch over him on his travels. I'm sure he'll be quite happy with this one... ;-)

I'm not too keen on this happening along the way...

Because he is already on his way, and because his load doesn't need to be delivered to Florida until the 29th, he is fairly certain he will have a few days to spend here before having to hit the road once again.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased with that possibility!!!


  1. If all angels looked like that even I would have gone to church! Best thoughts for LHB's journey.

  2. I happen to have an opening for a well-qualified guardian angel like that!

  3. The Florida angels will be ready to watch over LBH, just don't bring any of that white stuff...

  4. Snooze: Hey, I'd like to look like that... and never mind the church stuff. Thanks!

    XL: Thought you might... ;-)

    S. Fingers: Oh c'mon! Don't you want a little excitement! A little something different for a change! Aren't you tired of all that warmth and sunshine???? :-)

  5. The trick is, getting him at your house and THEN getting one of those storms. :)

    I like southern snow: it shuts us completely down for 24 hours, melts and we're back to long as southerners don't try to DRIVE in the stuff. ;)

  6. Hope: Now that is a great idea! Who do I contact to make that happen???

    I don't think we get southern snow up here... :-\


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