Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I sit here, in front of my computer, munching on some deliciously sweet and tangy pineapple, careful not to drip that sticky juice into the keyboard. (Wouldn't that just gum things up completely, eh!?)

I've just had a very lovely light lunch consisting on a variety of whole grain crackers, hummus, creamy havarti cheese, ham sausage, grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas and am now completing my repast with a dessert that tingles my taste buds!

The pineapple is courtesy of the Long Haul Brit (herein to be known as LHB. What? It's easier to type...) on Sunday. Now how many of you women have received a plump juicy pineapple on a date??? Tell me... who? I don't see any hands there. Flowers are pretty, they smell nice and the cats love to eat them, but they are also kind of the 'norm' for a new beau to bring. So it was lovely to be handed a plastic grocery bag containing one whole pineapple, spiky fronds and all. Although as he passed it to me, it promptly fell through the bottom of the bag and plunked to the floor. No injuries were noted during this unfortunate accident. Except to the pineapple, which seemed to have sustained a split bottom, as I found it had piddled on the counter when I moved it later on.... Luckily, it was a minor injury and very little juice was lost.

It would appear that the willingness to proceed with 'exploration' between myself and the LHB is mutually desired. There has been great discussion about many things, included the likes of previous 'dates' and escapades in online dating. We both have a number of stories to tell, it would seem. The important thing to note here is, for me at least, there are no warning bells going off in my head. There are no red flags, flashing lights, screaming sirens.... No gut feelings telling me to turn and run for the hills. So I take this to be a good sign.

He's back on the road again, and this concerns me, as he's been battling a chest and sinus cold, complete with cough, for 5 weeks or so. He called me today, sounding very harsh and tired, saying he'd been to a walk-in clinic in the city where he dropped off his cargo, and has been given antibiotics and some kind of nasal spray. At the moment, he doesn't have direction from head office on where or when to pick up the next load, so at least he can spend some time resting.

If you can call bunking in a truck sleeper restful. I don't know. I've never seen the insides of one, so I have no idea how big or small it is. But at least he can sleep.

Needless to say, I am concerned. What he really needs is a week off, just to rest and sleep and heal. Of course, one would need a 'home' to do that in, as a hotel would get slightly pricey... and right now, his 'home' is that truck. I am hoping that head office will leave him sit idle for a couple more days, allowing him to take it easy and let the drugs do their thing. (It's just too bad he's about 1500 kms away while he sits idle...) It's a very stressful life, being constantly on the move, never really having any time off, not having a 'life', so to speak.

So I am doing my best to send healing vibes his way, to chase that nasty bug out of his respiratory tract, and to get him feeling more human and less like roadkill.


  1. My BIL drives an 18-wheeler. The sleeper on his is very, very nice. Sort of like a small house trailer or yacht. Mini-fridge, flat panel TV, DVDs, microwave, comfy bed, storage. The truck stops where they lay over are also very nice. Showers, laundry, hot meals. Not as good as being at home, but cozy and much better than living out of a motel room.

    PS: How tall is he?

  2. Back to tick the follow-up box.

  3. the MITM once brought me a pear. we were poor students living far away from family and friends with a 1 month old was imported and cost a lot more because it was winter in a very very cold place. i've never forgotten that gift. needless to say, i'm starting to like your LHB! xoxox

  4. It is the gifts given with a good heart that you remember.

    Which is what I reminded my late father-in-law every time he complained about the day Hubby "stole" the first rose off one of his prize give to 16 year old me. The rose was a "Don Juan". :)

    Hope your new pal gets time to heal himself. At least he picked a good person in you. :)

  5. LHB sounds like he's definitely worth getting to know better!

    My brother was a long-haul trucker for a while. It's a hard life, but like xl noted, some of the truck stops are really nice.

  6. XL: He does have the bed, mini-fridge and microwave, I know that. But this truck is smaller than his last one, where he actually had room for some kind of a stepper exercise machine. I'm sure he knows all the truck stops across your country and mine!

    PS - 6'

    Savannah: A priceless pear! I'm sure it was like gold. How sweet of the MITM! Where were you that was very cold?? And thanks... I am too! xoxoxo

    Hope: Exactly! And he left a message on my phone later on in the day, saying he'd bought me a gift... at a bookstore... which is exactly what I did today for him! How funny is that!

    Thank you! He's a good person too. I just want him to get well... poor guy!

    Snooze: Hey Mama! Nice to hear from you again!

    Yep... getting to know him better is definitely the plan!!

  7. Well, he could have thrown the pineapple at TDC ...

  8. Mago: True, but now that TDC is a bit older, she's much less inclined to do such stupid things. ;-)


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