Sunday, 14 November 2010

Live in the Now

This evening, my sister took me out on a date. To see Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. We've both been big fans of his since discovering him on TV several years ago and were using some of his dog training techniques long before we knew about him. (Aren't we smart cookies!?!?)

The seminar was great and he's quite a funny guy to listen to. And to watch. He really gets the dog body language down pat when demonstrating how dogs do things. Especially wagging his tail!! ;-)

His Canadian tour didn't originally include Winnipeg but a local doggy day care set up a petition to get him here. It worked! He was truly impressed that we wanted to see him here that badly and got a little emotional at the end.

But one thing that he said during the seminar really made a lot of sense. Dogs live in the 'now'. Humans do not. Humans hang onto the past, fret about the future and try to analyze every second of time. And look where it's got us. In really bad trouble! Cesar wants to go all over the world and help people learn to help their dogs and themselves by experiencing life in the 'now'.

Look at how many wars were started years and years ago by something that someone did in the past. And humans are still fighting about those old things to this day. Look at how many people keep bringing up bad memories and fearing that all that stuff will keep happening. It will if you think it will!

So make like a dog, forget about all the crap that happened way back when and get out and enjoy life today. What's that old saying? Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future but today is a gift... because it's the present!!!


  1. That's what's pounded into my head in every meditation class I attend. Living in the present is what it's all about.

    I was poking around a weather map yesterday and saw that you guys are in a bit of a freeze. Bundle up!

  2. I really like a positive blog like this to start the week. I am going to try to "Make like a dog" this week. No matter how bad of a day I have, the first one at the door is my dog wet nose and all.
    Great picture and awesome beast, is he/she yours?
    Cheers, Sausage...

  3. Map: :-D xoxoxo

    UB: It is, isn't it?! And yes it is chilly here, but nothing like what it'll be in January!!! We are just barely below freezing right now. Just wait til it gets to be -40!!!!

    Sausage: Yup, dogs have it right, I think. No real stress then!! And yes, that's my girl. She's a seven year old Bullmastiff.

  4. That's what I love 'bout these covert Buddhists we love as our pets. They have MUCH to teach.

  5. This explains why our Sr. Dog is so forgiving after I give him the medication he's on and HATES...because 5 minutes later he wants to snuggle up on the couch. :)

    Considering the way my week started off, I will "make like a dog" and enjoy today. Thanks! I'd wag my tail but it wouldn't be a pretty sight. Amusing maybe. ;)

  6. Has Zoƫ become a test subject yet?

  7. Jonas: Ain't that the truth!

    Hope: Here's to 'dogging' it all week!!! :-)

    XL: As in meeting LHB? Oh yes. She even slept on his foot. And Pips lay on his lap. And Lila was touched by him and didn't completely freak out! He's met the whole crew and all went well! :-)

  8. I think I need to learn from some dogs. Hope the cold is better.

  9. Pant, pant, snort, yawn, beg, roll over on my back, scratch, lick down there, run and attack my food bowl, wander around sniffing and snooping . . .

    Millan is right: living in the present is doggone delightful *big doggy smile*

  10. Charlie: Yep, he's very right. No real worries that way, is there??? :-)


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