Saturday, 30 April 2011

And another photo for Kim...

When Kim was taking photos of his daughter blowing the dandelion fluff into the spring breeze, he mentioned it took 167 shots to get the right one. Which was a good thing, as they ran out of dandelions.

If he wants to repeat that effort, and does not want to run out, I would suggest he come to the farm I used to live on. We had acres of dandelions, the above only being a very small sampling!


  1. Thank you Ponita :)

    I love the colour of dandelions, and of course blowing the seeds is always fun. Unfortunately, if you have a garden, they tend to take over the place. There are patches of our lawn that are more dandelion than grass!

    Now, what you need to do with that field is wait until they have all turned to fluff, then get a small child - preferably with long hair - and take a photo of them running through, setting the seeds off into flight. Remember to take it in the hour before sunset, when the sun is low in the sky, and everything has a golden hue. And get the sun right behind the child, so his or her hair lights up at the edges :)

  2. They are unwelcome in my garden - but don't take the hint. I wonder why we used to call then 'pee i' beds'?

  3. Beautiful!

    It's that country living thing...we seem them as welcome guests, not pests. ;)

  4. Kim: I have a 4 year old greatniece who would fit the bill nicely for that photo shoot. Unfortunately, I no longer own that field.

    Pat: The horses love them, you know! A tasty treat. Even my dog would eat them. She'd pull the flower tops off and munch away. The horses mowed down the lot!

    Hope: I quite like them! Especially in great numbers like that. They make a lovely golden carpet. It's when they turn to seed and the fluff is everywhere that they aren't quite as nice, but when you have about 5 acres of them, you don't do anything about them. :-)

  5. XL: Thanks! They were my mum's 'favourite' flower and I took that one year as a tribute on her birthday (after she had passed away).

  6. Löwenzahn, makes a good salad, but only the very early pieces.


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