Friday, 15 April 2011

Plum worn out!

Well, I am all moved in.... but I am plum worn out... and once I've had a chance to recuperate and gain back some strength (and get some sleep), I'll be back. The unpacking is just going to have to wait.


  1. I'd offer to come over and help you shift the heavy stuff around hen, but the flight times clash with the fitba, and O'Malleys is serving the black for only a pound a pint during the first half.

    Maybe next week, okay? Good luck in the new pad, reet!

  2. You DESERVE some rest! Report back when typing isn't another chore. :)

  3. Go out for Viking Cake! You deserve it!

  4. Pour yourself a nice goblet of wine and relax. Unpack in an unhurried, casual way. Move in.

  5. Jimmy: Well, you seem to have your priorities in order... ;-)

    Hope: I've been trying to rest but the damn boxes keep whispering my name...

    XL: Now that's a great idea! Have to buy some though... no energy to make some.

    UB: That's I've done... and will do more of... I just hope I remember where I put things. ;-)

  6. Good to see you back! Ah, these boxes, ignore them.

  7. Take it easy for a while.

    Pound a pint ye say Jimmy? Your round pal! :¬)


  8. Ration yourself to one box a day - if you really must.

  9. Keep pouring that wine and I hope you have enough strength left to lift the magic elixir to your lips.


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