Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter!


  1. XL: Same to you!

    Re: WV - That's what happens when you eat too many peeps. ;-)

  2. Here's hoping that with Easter there is a rebirth for you too and the year starts to look up.

  3. Fröhliche Ostern - Happy easter to You, dear Ponita. All my best wishes to you.
    And btw I really like these cat cartoons.
    If you can, relax a bit. You did what had to be done, you reacted in an amazing way. Now things are just going, the next important step is - as far as I undertsand - the meeting with the doc. Things will happen. All emionally related - I can say no nothing about it, you know that I - and a lot of folks here - wish you all the best. So let me hug and squeeze you, sadly only virtually, hach - feel sqeezed! MWAH!

  4. Snooze: Thank you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will look up soon.

    Mago: Oh my! Hugs and squeezes all the way from Franconia!! Your kind words, and virtual hugs, are most appreciated, kind sir.

  5. Oh goody - a new Simon's cat


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