Monday, 11 April 2011

Just about done

I'm in the midst of a move... downsizing from a house to an apartment. I've donated/sold/given away so much stuff, you'd think I'd be possessionless!

Such is not the case, however. I still feel like I have way too much stuff for a 2 bedroom apartment, but once I get everything unpacked and put away, perhaps it will all fit.

The cats have enjoyed the ever changing playground of boxes. Little do they know that tomorrow they will be unceremoniously stuffed into their carrier and transported to the new place. I have a feeling it is going to be a noisy ride. But, like me, they are adaptable. They will like having their cat tree in front of their very own window and new digs to explore. Of course, all the furniture and accoutrements stay the same... just rearranged somewhat.

I've managed, with the invaluable help of Nephew #1, to get a lot of stuff moved yesterday. Today I will be taking my clothes over. And some stuff that's left that hadn't been packed yet. I have to go to the new place, unpack some kitchen stuff... and reuse the boxes.

I did decide to fork out the money for movers for the furniture, instead of subjecting my family and friends to yet another day of lugging stuff from one place to the other. I'm nice like that. ;-)

I also was warned last move that no one wanted to ever help again... because we are getting too old for this! I certainly felt all the aches this morning when I woke up. I'm okay now, but man! was I stiff and sore when I climbed out of bed!

Tomorrow evening, I will be disconnecting all electronics and carting them over to the apartment. The service guy comes in the afternoon on Wednesday to plug me in and get everything working.

Thursday will be cleaning day for the house, to make sure it's all spiffed up for the new owner. Then I can take my time, unpack my stuff, and settle in to my brand new digs.

And breathe a sigh of relief that this much of 2011's adventure is over.


  1. That second cardboard box on the left, no not that, the one next to it. I cannae quite make out the writing on the side. Marital something plus batteries. Plenty of batteries.

    It's a big box...

  2. Jimmy: Oh, that's just the toy box... ;-)

  3. A toy box huh? In that case, I believe one of the wee tin soldiers may just have fired what looks like a pink bazooka on to the carpet. No wonder poor pussy is purring.

  4. Consider buying a (t)rusty FIAT instead of forking out all the cash for strong men in tight overalls ...

  5. Ah Jimmy leave the lass alone now, there's only so many toys a girl can squeeze into her box before at least one of them falls out onto the floor!

    Have a happy moving day! :¬)


    (WV = 'pattio'!)

  6. XL: Yes and they've been having a ball!!

    Jimmy: hehehe

    Mago: I had one of those once.... eons ago. Crapola!

    Map: Oh lordy! You made me laugh with that one!!! xoxoxo

    And it's moving days... started Sat and won't be completely finished until Thursday. But it's coming along nicely, thanks.

    (No 'pattio' - but I do have a lovely south facing balcony!)

  7. I recently culled all of my clothes down to two drawers and a very small closet, plus maybe one box of seasonal clothes. I happily told my husband I was no able to do what they do in movies; an angry woman opens a suitcase and fills it with all of her clothes. What freedom! I'm so excited for you and I'm impressed with how you've handled this huge change in your life. Good luck tomorrow unplugging .... that scares me more than throwing away stuff.....

  8. Boxer: I could never get down to two drawers and a small closet... and I am not a fashionista by anyone's stretch of imagination! I guess living in four distinct seasons does that.

    The unplugging part is no biggie for me. In fact, I wish I could just do the plugging back in myself, but since I have digital phone service, they have to send out a technician. The computer and tv I can definitely do myself. I have a touch of 'geek' in me. ;-)

  9. I paid for movers once many years ago. On moving day, I barely broke a sweat. After that I never moved myself again. It's money well spent.

  10. Good luck in your new home... make sure you get the pc up and running first!

  11. Moving? We're moving? why didn't someone tell me we're moving?

    At least you know how to pack your car without my help.

  12. UB: This will be the first time I have paid for movers. Although I've moved a lot of the small stuff already (cuz they charge by the hour and the less there is to move, the less I pay!), with my bad shoulder, I am of no use when it comes to the furniture. I will gladly pay.

    Scarlet: PC will go down tonight and hooked up tomorrow afternoon. I have my priorities in order!!!

    Charlie: We're moving, alright. And considering I have lived in 5 provinces and two states (as an adult - never mind the moving as a kid cuz Dad was in the Air Force), I am pro at packing the car!!

  13. Ah, Hubby will agree with you..his dad was an Air Force pilot and I think he could move in his sleep.

    I'm glad you're seeing the end of the grunt work and more towards the rewards of sitting still on your own couch again. :)

    The day we moved into our house, my dream house in the country which is 126 years old, the Realtor said, "Now, I know you're just moving in but if you ever need to move again, give me a call. What?" she asked as I wearily shook my head.

    "This IS my last move. Cause the only one left is the cemetery. One is conveniently located behind the house," I grinned. We live in an old "homestead" and a little local church is behind us, the final resting place for several folks who lived here I imagine. I still wonder how 2 people can have so much stuff?!

    Go rest now!

  14. I'm excited for you. MTL would be so jealous if he saw all your cardboard boxes. I have to ration him.

  15. I'm sure at some point I will move again... seems to be in my genes. I like your idea of having the burial plot in the backyard, though!

    No resting until after Thursday. Still got stuff to move and then the house to clean. The cats are about to make the big move... they won't know what hit them!! ;-)

    Pat: Oh he can have all the boxes when I am done with them. ;-)

  16. Whew! I am visioning you sitting with a nice cup of tea (or coffee) in your new place with your belongings all sorted and put away. Soon, the peace you deserve.

  17. Arn't you ready yet - pfff, two boxes ...


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