Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mother Natures bites back... yet again

Having a flood of near epic proportions doesn't seem to be enough for Mother Nature to inflict up those of us who reside in Manitoba.

Yesterday brought rain. Which, in springtime, isn't a necessarily bad thing as it cleans up the grit from winter, allowing things to green up a bit faster. But this morning, this is what I awoke to find outside my window. Add to it a temperature of -5C and it's like October and not the first of May.

But... this is the Prairies... and it is only the beginning of May... and we are prone to rapid (and unwelcome) fluctuations in the weather at this time of year. Hopefully the forecasters are correct with the sunshine and + temps for Monday onwards. The added precipitation was completely not wanted, given the amount already on the ground in the form of floodwaters. I've tried to get it shipped elsewhere, like Texas, but that request has fallen on deaf ears apparently.


  1. I feel for you. And I've been complaining because the temperature won't rise above 11C. I'm such a wuss.

    word verif: unhol (like your weather)

  2. Yep, still waiting here...

  3. That's a bit of a bollix!

    Did I mention that I'm off to the Canary Islands in a few hours? :¬)


  4. Andrea: All Vancouverites (which of course includes the entire lower Mainland...) are wusses. And I say that with love! ;-)

    UB: I wish someone would tell HER that.

    XL: She doesn't listen to you either, does she...

    Mago: There are probably a few children who played in the snow today!

    Map: Yeah, yeah... Don't rub it in. I am positively green with envy!!! *sigh* It's been a long winter. But have a wonderful time and have a drink on the beach for me. :-) xoxoxo

  5. Ponita, I feel your pain. We did not get the snow, however, just the cold and the wind.

    60 degrees here tomorrow, or so they say. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the temperature continues to creep in a northerly direction...


  6. Gosh it looks like you are at sea.
    Manitoba was the answer to a crossword today and I got it:)
    Meanwhile we have fires all over Britain from the high temps and fierce wind.

  7. Dear - how's it going? How tastes life in the new rooms after the first week or so? Did you find all the things you stuffed in the boxes? How are you?

  8. We've had so much rain here in Northern Idaho that my feet are webbing.

  9. That's just not fair. How can you ride that bike now? Freeze your vitals.


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