Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Went for my walk today in sandals... for the first time this year! Yay! It was 18C out there and while not sunny, the clouds were high and thin so it was bright enough for shades.

My sandals are Keen Newports. I love those things! I've had them for a couple years now and spend a lot of the summer in them. (And no, they are not worn out at all.) Today however, was a bit much for the first wear of the season. Probably would have been fine if I had not been out walking briskly and working up a sweat.

I gave myself a blister. I could feel it halfway through the walk but there was nothing I could do until I got home... which was 3 km away. Just had to tough it out!

When I got home, I thought I would give it a little TLC so applied some antibiotic ointment and a little bandaid...

I did manage 6 km in one hour though! Just because it was hurting, I didn't slow down. However, I'll be back to wearing my socks and shoes for a few days, I think...


  1. Let's see if Scarlet is as rude about your feet as she was about mine.

  2. You have lovely feet, Ponita. Ignore Dave, he is very silly.

  3. I have two pairs of Treva sandals and wear the older pair in the house all the time so - in theory should never get blisters.

  4. Dave: Perhaps if you paint your toenails, she wouldn't be so rude. Fancy them up a bit!! Add a toe ring!! ;-)

    Scarlet: Why thank you, my dear. They look good on the outside but give me much grief on the inside as they are narrow with high rigid arches. Difficult to fit and requires lots of cushioning.

    Pat: I've heard of 'Teva' sandals... but not Treva. Perhaps we don't get them here? Around the house, I wear Holey Soles... much like Crocs but half the price and a better fit for my skinny feet. Once I get into my sandals a bit more for leisurely wear, they will be fine for the long jaunts. :-)

    XL: Isn't it neat?! My older sister gave me a little metal case of bandaids in a variety of shapes and sized, all with "ouch!" printed on them. I thought this one quite appropriate for the TLC my foot needed!

  5. Sandals, for the love of all things unholy, are purely for middle-aged Englishmen and those visiting Dutch tourists deluded enough to actually believe that the UK is excited about the royal wedding this Friday.

  6. Jimmy: When your feet spend half the year swaddled in heavy socks and insulated boots, sandals are a breath of fresh air! I wear them as often as possible when the weather is nice. The royal wedding I will ignore.

  7. Breath of fresh air eh? That explains your love of going commando then doll?

  8. Jimmy: Everything needs to breathe, doesn't it??? ;-)

  9. I'm going barmy! Teva teva teva

    Must have been thinking of an old boy friend Trevor!

  10. Where Jimmy's right he's right then.

  11. Pat: I thought that's what you meant! :-)

    Mago: At least HE thinks so!


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