Wednesday, 27 April 2011

On the list

I saw the surgeon today. He's pleased with the little bit of improvement there has been in my shoulder since I first saw him. He gave me some exercises to do, and I have been, but because it's only been a minor improvement, I told him I want it fixed. It's been three months already!

So I am on the list for an OR date. I've been told there is about a 2 month wait for the surgery and they will notify me by mail of the date. Given that it's the end of April, I expect the end of June or early July.

Then, he told me, I immobilize my arm in a sling for 3 weeks. Then I don't do much with it other than light movement for a couple of months. At around the 3 - 4 month mark, he says I will be able to return to work with restrictions. Strength training does not start until 5 months.

So perhaps I will be close to fully functional by Christmas??? *sigh* It's gonna be a loooong haul...


  1. But perhaps it'll be a good Christmas present. :)

    Hang in there...wishing you better days!

  2. Hope: Actually, just knowing it will get fixed is making me feel better! Thanks!!

  3. It's good you have made a decision. I'm sure that's best and you have given it plenty of time to right itself.

  4. Sorry, what means "OR"?

    Two months wait means May and June.
    Three weeks immobile - July
    Four months slow - August, September, October, November.
    Strength in the fifth: December.
    So, yeah: Heavy lifting again at Christmas.
    Anyway, as XL saied: Things are on a schedule, you are on the way!

  5. Hey, as long as there's something of a schedule, you know how you can plan, yes?

    You'll be back to the heavy lifting in no time. :-)

    Best to you, my friend.


  6. Pat: Yes, it's had 3 months and there's been only minor improvement so it was time.

    XL: Yes!!! :-D

    Mago: OR = operating room
    I do believe your assessment of the time lines is accurate. Justin time to lift a glass of eggnog!!

    Pearl: You know, it's been the inability to plan anything that has been the worst. So yes, now I can plan... at least to some extent. Thanks, girlfriend!

  7. I'll raise a glass to that!
    (Yes. I know I'll raise a glass to anything!) :¬)


  8. Map: That's okay... it's the thought that counts and thank you for that, my friend! xoxoxo

  9. Jeybus, what a long haul, and 2 months is a relatively short waiting time for surgeries, sadly. Here's hoping that all goes on or ahead of schedule.

  10. I feel for you, hon! Sounds like a long slog to full recovery. Good thing you've got the humor and moxie to survive it all.

  11. Snooze: It is a long haul and it is a relatively short wait... both of which are kinda sad. But it is what it is!

    Jonas: Thanks. Yeah, moxie and humour I've got, even if I do spell that last one differently! ;-)


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