Saturday, 30 April 2011


Okay, so I had to put up a new post so as not to have those overly busy eyebrows staring me in the face every time I looked at my blog. It's not that I have anything specific to say, it's just that I needed to fill up the space to lower Mr. Bushy Brows out of the limelight.

The past few days have been a bit on the warmer side, with temps between 15C and 22C. And sunshine, which Manitoba is famous for. Today , however, is cool and rainy. Not like we need the water. Why can't the clouds head down to Texas, where XL tells me it is hot and dry and there's a threat of wild fires and water restrictions? Like we need more water here, in the land of the Great Red Sea that is inundating just about the entire bloody province!

I got an envelope in the mail yesterday from the clinic where I will be having my shoulder surgery. Since I'd just been there on Wednesday, I was startled to think they were sending me my OR date already! That would be efficiency in spades! It, however, turned out to be a request for donations. I don't think so! I don't have any extra money for anything, let alone donating to anyone. Could use a few donations myself, though, if anyone is interested...

Monday I am going to give the lawyer a call and see if they have any word on my money from the sale of the house. The sale was two weeks yesterday and the funds get held up because the land title transfer has to take place before funds can be distributed. This apparently takes 2 - 3 weeks at the moment (or so I was told). I'm hoping it happens soon. Funds are tight... and I hate that!

The cats seem to have settled into the apartment fairly well. Lila loves tearing down the hall and sliding across the floor. I'm sure if she had her driver's license, she'd be into street racing and get into all kinds of trouble! And she just turned two on the 27th, so technically she's an adult, but she sure doesn't act like one! Pips is her usual mostly sedate and affectionate self, although she does have her moments when she rips around and plays too. Her favourite sleeping spot is inside the bottom of the chair in the livingroom. How is it that cats always seem to find a way to make a hole in the fabric that covers the underside of things, just so they can have a hidey-hole?? It must be genetic... every cat I've ever had has done that. Either a piece of livingroom furniture or the boxspring of the bed.

I think I have pretty much settled in too. I'm getting used to it... the noises from the hall as people traverse the length to get to the elevator. That will pick up in time. There are 16 suites on this floor and only 5 are occupied at the moment. Funny how they are all on the south side of the building too. We know what the north wind brings in the winter...

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  1. Glad you're settling in. Bou, my 110 pound Chocolate Lab hears the words "go" or "ride" and I've learned not to stand in an open doorway at the end of our hardwood floors....he looks like a baseball player sliding into home plate. :)

    I say you send a letter back to the surgical people with some sort of request for charity for yourself...say the "Lawyer's Living On My Money and You've Got The Rest" fund. ;)


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