Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Separated at birth?

If you have had the pleasure of visiting Pearl's blog, you will know she has two cats. Everyone knows Liza  Bean as the sly, smart one who's always scheming up something.

And Dolly Gee Squeakers may be gorgeous but according to Pearl, she's not the sharpest tack in the box.

She and my Lila are a matched pair. Literally. They look alike, and they are just as not-so-smart alike. All pretty and not much brains. Check them out for yourself!


  1. I once dated a girl who had 7 cats, yeah that's right 7 cats. When we had sex there was always one or two who like to watch. Weird, huh...
    Cheers, Sausage...

  2. SF: Seven is a bit much. Yes, some cats are weird. My two ignore any sexual antics that go on... which is a good thing, as Lila is prone to attacking things that move under the blankets! ;-)

  3. Yikes, can't imagine trying to repair cat-slashed punctured balls

  4. Grandma had Siamese...they are the devil incarnate!

    One of hers use to sleep on TOP of the curtains, between the rod and wall!

    I'll never have to worry about our 110 pound lab Bou trying that. :)

  5. I'm guessing they would be a deadly combo together!

  6. Ponita, this is so funny! Right down to the "M"s on their foreheads, the blue eyes (do Lila's cross sometimes??) and the little white mittens...


    I'll tell Dolly. :-)


  7. Mago: They are! And very pretty ones at that. :-)

    Hope: Mine is a mix. Not sure if it is Siamese in her or something like a Birman. They both looks like chocolate Lynx Point Birmans. Lila's mum was a brown tabby so I know she's not purebred anything. And Lila's not evil... just clumsy and not too smart!

    XL: I'd bet they'd have the house trashed within a couple hours. ;-)

    Pearl: No, Lila's eyes don't cross at all. How big is Dolly? Lila is 10 lbs... of solid muscle, because she spends her days bouncing off the walls and zooming up and down the stairs (and everything else)... by herself, usually. ;-)

  8. They are both gorgeous, and I reckon they are both smart because they've acquired purrfect owners.

  9. Scarlet: I think it was pure luck on their part... ;-)

  10. They could be related. Are you miles apart?

  11. Pat: We are about 465 miles apart... I doubt they are related. I know cats wander... but probably not quite that far!

  12. Hmmm... cats are fine and grand when they sit nicely by the fire and amuse the weans in their infant years, however they can make a man and his sleep both wait when they adhere themselves to the the deep tread of his 4x4 tyres in the wee small hours.

    It was dark... the cat was black... it crossed my path, definitely unlucky for one of us.


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