Friday, 4 March 2011

Slogging onward

My dog now lives in someone else's home. She moved today, along with all her accoutrement. Food, bowls, toys, beds and blankets, her entire wardrobe, collars and leashes, poop bags, stuff to clean her ears and lubricate her joints... all packed into a few bags and loaded into their car. She went willingly, tail wagging, oblivious to the major change that just occurred in her life. But they will love her and take good care of her. The young woman is a veterinarian so what more could I ask for?

Other than to be able to keep her.

But it is as it is right now. I will miss her (I do already) but it's not like she's died... she's just moved on to another phase in her life.

I have a (highly likely) buyer for my house, which means I won't have to list with a real estate agent and won't have to pay through the nose for a glorified salesperson. It also means a lot less work to do around the house, because it is someone I know well, and who has told me to not bother finishing the painting and other renos I wanted to get done. "Rest your shoulder", he said, "and I will finish all that." Not that I had been using my right arm much, but some things you just can't do with your non-dominant hand and so my shoulder is a bit (more) bothered.

I have found an apartment that allows me to keep my two cats. It's brand new... in fact, they are just putting the finishing touches on the building right now and earliest move-in is April 1st. I don't think I would be ready then, as I haven't really started packing and sorting yet, but it wouldn't be too long after that. But since I thought I would have to list my house when I went to see this place, I asked for as late a move-in as possible, which was June 1st. I talked to them today and they said to just let them know when I want to move in. I've paid the deposit so the place is mine. And it's nice. It's roomy - 943 sq. ft - a 2 bedroom with a large laundry room and comes with five appliances - fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer - all in the suite! How nice is that! Plus I have a southern exposure, a nice little balcony, and I am in a 50+ building, so no squalling babies to deal with at 3 a.m. (I have nothing against children... really I don't... I just don't want to live that close to any!) I am on the top floor so no one tromping around above me and only one suite away from the end of the building. And it has an elevator.... *happy sigh*

I do, however, have a fight now on my hands. The Workers Compensation Board has denied my claim for financial coverage while I am off work, saying that because I had a pre-existing condition in my shoulder and that since the 2nd MRI (the first was taken before the injury at work on Jan. 26th) didn't show much of a change from the first, there is no reason they should pay me anything. So the fact that before this incident, I had a fully functioning arm (albeit a slightly achy shoulder) and after this incident, I was (and still am) no longer able to lift my arm to the front or the side and have constant and sometimes intense pain seems to have no bearing on the case.

I still need an orthopedic surgical consult to find out what needs to be done with my shoulder. That hasn't happened yet and I have called the sports medicine clinic where I have been going to try and expedite that appointment. Because if it requires surgery, then I want to get that ball rolling as quickly as possible. Our surgical wait times are usually horrible, and the recovery and rehab period after that kind of surgery is lengthy, so I may be out of commission for months.

I've a plan for my vehicle too... I have to have a plan. Because if I have this surgery, I will not be able to drive what I currently own. It's a 5 speed Chevy Blazer, and shifting gears is a pain right now. It will be impossible if my arm is completely out of commission. So once the house sells, I will be trading it in on something with an automatic transmission, so I won't be without wheels while I'm healing. I know I could always use public transit, but I have always hated relying on the bus.

So some things are falling into place nicely, and so far it is just the financial end of things that I have to fight over. At least I am collecting Employment Insurance benefits, but it's a minimal amount. If I am off after 119 days, I will then qualify for disability through work, which will be more. But still... I just don't understand why government agencies are so happy to take the money you pay them, but so freakin' difficult to deal with when it is time for them to pay out! What a pain in the ass. 

Well, they don't know they are up against a Viking woman who will not back down. I'm fighting this to the bitter end!

Anyone got a left-handed battle axe? I'm needing a new set of cutlery, methinks...


  1. Wishing you all the best in your move, we had to let go of a wee dog a few years ago but the knowledege that max went to a farm was comforting. VIKING GIRLS never give up...ever.
    Cheers, Sausage...

  2. You are an inspiration. No, really. Just don't cut off that left breast so you can shoot your bow and arrow better, Amazon Woman. :)

  3. I wish I had a big bag of spare cash. I swear I'd send it to you. But well done on all the good stuff! Particularly the dog. I know you miss her but, really, you couldn't have hoped for a better resolution on that. And cats are cool!

  4. SF: Thanks. Ya, we Viking girls are tough cookies... ;-)

    Andrea: I've learned how to twist to keep it out of the way. It gets in the way of a lot of things. Actually, so does the other one! (And having friends like all you blogger buddies makes doing all this crap a little bit easier... thank you.)

    UB: A spare bag of cash! Wouldn't that be nice! Yes, the dog is in a good place. And absolutely yes, cats are cool! I've had cats in my life since I was 7... continuously! (Holy crap... is that really 46 years??? Yikes!)

  5. Oh, Ponita! I hadn't quite realized all the changes you're going through. Forgive me my dummitude.

    I don't know what to say. To lose one's dawg!?! That'll leave a mark.

    Still, it sounds like your new place is kinda nice (nicer than mine - roughly the same size).

    I wish you well. I hope that Fortune smiles upon you soon!

  6. Jonas: You can't be expected to keep up with what everyone is doing... so no worries. But thank you for popping by. Yeah, losing the dog is rough. It is very strange around the house; rather empty, even with the cats do their best squirrely girly imitations! But it will all work out in the end... one way or another.

  7. I can't believe you've done so much so fast. Have you ever thought about becoming a personal organiser?
    I'm so sorry about your dog. I would be devastated.

  8. Strength, I knew you'd find it again. That's my girl.

  9. You are such a gutsy girl - I take my hat off to you.
    I hope the cats help to fill the hole your dog has left. They are very good at doing that I'm sure. And for the rest I pray it will work out fine for you. Gently hugs round your shoulder.xox

  10. Ponita

    First Visit to your humble blog -It won't be my last.

    I too am facing the horrid task of possibly leaving my dog with someone else as I am in the due process of moving home.

    I really don't relish the thought of doing so as I have become very attached to her, it will break my heart if I have to leave her behind.

    Kind Regards

  11. Scarlet: Organized? ME?? Oh good lord, all this stuff just seemed to fall into place. I don't know that I actually had much to do with it! And yes, it is very empty without the dog. I do miss her. *sigh*

    Jimmy: I guess it's been there all along; sometimes I just seem to misplace it.

    Pat: Thanks for the hug. The cats are doing their best to careen through the house at every given opportunity, especially as I pack boxes and sell off excess furniture. The changes strangely get them excited. ;-)

    TBD: Welcome! It's a hard thing to do, this rehoming of a beloved pet. But if you can find the right place for them, you know you've done well by them. Good luck to you.

  12. You certainly have a lot of 'balls in the air' as it were! Not an easy task with a gammy shoulder/arm! But then again you ARE a Viking.

    Here's to a new beginning! :¬)


  13. xoxoxox to you, sugarpie! thanks again for all your support during our difficulties. i'm slowly getting around to all my pals and will be writing again soon. you are a most excellent woman, P, you're doing everything so well! hang tough and much love to you.

  14. I admire you beyond belief. You take action and don't complain even when you are facing a difficult time. The new apartment sounds great and what fantastic news about the buyer for your home.

  15. Map: I seem to be getting adept at juggling all those balls with one hand! One armed Viking or not, I'm doing the best I can. xoxoxo

    Savannah: Thanks for all your support! I hope your MITM is home safe and sound soon. xoxoxo

    Snooze: *blushes* Gee thanks! Things have kinda fallen into place... I guess I got the ball rolling but some stuff just appeared out of thin air, which is always a good stress reducer! (Speaking of stress, how's your little bambino?)

  16. I've a feeling that you will be the rowdy one in your new building! :p

  17. XL: You say that like it would be a bad thing... ;-)

  18. You can't keep a good woman down!

    So slow arm or not, seems like you're making progress. Good thoughts and hugs sent your way!

  19. Hope: Thanks, girl! Thoughts and hugs are always a good thing in my book. :-)

  20. ... things happen fast 'round you. You do what needs to be done, no false sentiment.


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