Thursday, 24 March 2011

Freshened up a bit

I was finding it all a bit too dark. Too depressing.

So I changed the background on my blog to something a little more uplifting... lighter in flavour.

After hunting through all the backgrounds available, and peering at the tiny bits to see what caught my fancy, I decided on the handmade paper look.

I like flowers, but gardening is beyond me. I tend to kill most everything in a planter. I like nature scenes, but too many of them had the light bits in the centre (covered by all this typed stuff) and the darker bits around the edges, so that left me with the same feeling as the previous background.

The sports stuff... well. No. Just... no. Same with the techno stuff, the abstract designs, etc. I liked some of the watery ones, but their blue just didn't coordinate with my blog banner blue, so they were eliminated for clashing.

Besides, I am somewhat of a crafty person and I could so make paper like that. Rose petals and bits of rosemary. It would smell nice, in a woodsy rose garden kind of way. I've actually made paper in the past, using a blender, onion skins and bits of flower petals (can't remember what they were, but tiny and blue seems to ring a bell - it was more than half a lifetime ago, after all). A bit messy in the making, but the end result was lovely.

Perhaps I should do that again. Once I move, I will have lots of time on my hands...

Well, I shouldn't say that yet. I see the surgeon on Monday to find out what the grand plan is for my shoulder.


  1. I hope that your Monday meeting will be all success!

  2. Sending best vibes for your medical success!

  3. XL: Thanks... at least, you're polite, unlike our Scottish friend below. ;-)

    Jimmy: pfffffffttt!!!!

  4. I LIKE it! All the beauty of spring and none of the pollen. :)

    Hope you get good news Monday.

  5. Hope: Thanks! I don't have issues with pollen... but glad I could keep it an allergy-free blog for you! ;-)

  6. I've traipsed through all the templates and permutations--there can be thirty possibilities in just one template, and I look through them all and think, nope--that's not it. This one looks grand. What would you put in if you could supply your own art or photo?

  7. I'll be thinking of you:)

  8. Murr: I'm not sure what I would use. I've not played around with making my own background. Perhaps I should, one day...

    Pat: Thank you! :-)

  9. Sorry about that. I was having commenting trouble. I was just admiring your new background and making disparaging comments about bachelor-pad black backgrounds that people think look cool but just compete with the images and design.

  10. Andrea... and Andrea: Thank you for the admiration of my background... and I really dislike black, too. It's overpowering, quite dismal at times, and makes the (usual) white print sear my eyeballs. Those with sense and consideration tone that down to a grey.

  11. sending good thoughts for your shoulder.

  12. Yes, I'm also wishing you good luck with your shoulder... and I can smell the petals.

  13. i thought i'd left a comment...
    it looks lovely, sugar! i'll be thinking of you and hoping everything goes well on monday! xoxoxoxox


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