Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What does it cost in your country?

There's a war of sorts going on in Canada.... against the telecom companies that are upping their internet usage rate to... *ahem*... try and keep up with increased bandwidth use by people who download movies and such. Which they charge by the month for, when they pay by the second... Now what's wrong with this picture? Plain and simple massive gouging is all I see!!!

Apparently, all technology stuff is horrendously expensive here, compared to other parts of the world. I know, even in the USA, cell phone service is a helluva lot cheaper. And internet access is ridiculous. Just ask the guy in this video!!!!!


  1. Two things I think: price gouging by the telecos and taxes.

    PS: I note that Mr Franz had a $5 credit on his bill for Bundle Savings, so he should be thankful!

  2. As yet, Scotland does not have the technology to introduce cordless mobile telephones or Internet facilities. This message is being broadcast to the world using a sequence of semaphor, smoke and blankets, and not to mention a very tired carrier pigeon belonging to the GPO.

  3. We had a reasonable plan through Alltel...who was then gobbled up by Verizon, who promised us "nothing would change; not the service or the price...keep your current plan, we'll honor it." That was good, as we'd been Alltell customers for over 10 years.

    To put it plainly, Verizon lied. My service became spotty at best, not comforting to a commuter. When I asked if they were doing maintenance, the snooty thing at the other end of the phone declared it was MY fault because I didn't have a Verizon phone/plan. After being on the other end of extremely rude, when the woman took a breath I told her it was not longer a problem.

    My heart now belongs to AT&T. For now. I hear they're hungry for T-Mobile.

    Irony? Cell phone companies in America were split up so AT&T didn't have a monopoly on service.

  4. Broadband is free in Ireland if you have 3 or more children. So is petrol, and cigarettes. :¬)


    (@Jimmy; just sending the pigeon back to your side with news of the IRL/ENG rugby game!)

  5. XL: Absolute gouging! Lots more than just taxes, that's for sure. Yeah, like the bundle discount really makes a difference on $15K! ;-)

    Jimmy: Don't catch the flags and blankets on fire, and don't wear out the pigeon! We'd never hear from you again, if you did!

    Hope: Bastards! The quality of internet service should not vary, no matter what your contract. That's just bullshit. Hoping AT&T are treating you better. :-)

    Map: Free broadband!?!? Really??? Well, I'd be hooped then. I don't have kids and I don't smoke. I'd have to take up some serious driving to get my fair share of the free petrol! Or do you still to have 3 or more kids....

  6. @Map, Aye, we heard the delighted shouts fae the homelands echoing across the loch, not to mention the tears fae the auld enemy on the day as they threatened to fill the bloody lochs.

    Pony-doll, I do like to wear out an oul bird on occasion.

  7. Here in the States, AT&T is buying T-Mobile. That will leave us with THREE -- count 'em -- THREE mobile carriers. Watch what happens to prices then!

  8. UB touched on the merger of AT&T with T-Mobile, I have the latter and am patiently waiting for the new rates to sock the casing off my sausage...

  9. Jimmy: Yes, I am sure you do... ;-)

    UB: We only have three: Bell, Telus and Rogers. All the others buy from them. Believe me, it sucks! Hopefully your prices won't go the way of ours.

    SF: Now there's a visual...

  10. T-mobile was the pox here in Germany, people were running from it as they had a chance to come out of their contratcts. Service was something from another world. It only became better when the final "last mile" (or better 10 meters) were not more protected by the state, Telecom had a monopol on this. The chaos broke out in this company under Ron Sommer, and Obermann still has to clear the debris.
    I pay one amount for internet and telephone, a fixum of 36 Euro and can use the web with the technically possible bandwith, no restrictions; my provider wanted to give me a free portable, but I do not want, maybe later. And these silly film channels I do not want too.


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