Saturday, 26 March 2011

A bit tender

I have a sore cheek. The right one.

Yes, that one down there.

I had a minor slip on the ice today as my nephew and I were loading stuff to take from my place to his... my donation to the younger generation, so to speak.

And because I actually remembered to not flail with my right arm as my left foot whipped out across the ice, said butt cheek had to clench mighty hard to maintain my balance.

So.... I's hurted my bum. Which makes sitting even on the big (normally) comfy couch a bit of an ouch.

Guess I'll have to do some stretching and massage...


  1. I've been following you from the side for the last few weeks hen, not saying much, just admiring the strength that flows from every pore of your skin. So many hidden depths to your personality have made themselves visible.

    Can you see the pride in my smile?

  2. First your shoulder?! Now you're cheek?! Holy cow. I hate to resort to "it could have been worse," but it's easy to break a wrist like that. So thank heavens you only bruised a cheek, eh?

  3. Ice? Me arse!!

    You need someone with big hands to rub some poteen into it! :¬)


  4. That was me above! (Using daughters lappie, she hadn't signed out!) :¬)


  5. Jimmy: *blushes* Thank you... for your support and for just being back. It's lovely to see your smile again.

    XL: Ah, it's just a sore muscle! More of an annoyance than anything else. ;-)

    UB: Not even a bruise as I didn't fall! More like a charlie horse in my butt. I'm sooooo glad I didn't wipe out completely, though. That would have been disastrous!!

    Map: And here I though I had a new follower... Yeah, a nice big warm pair of hands on me arse massaging away the aches and pains would be lovely! ;-) xoxoxo

  6. Savannah: One of the hazards of living in the Land of the Ice and Snow. ;-) I'm okay... really! I just have an achy bum on one side. xoxoxo

  7. you've injured a very big muscle and you'll need to R & R it (respect and rest) it during your move.

    I lived in a new place only once in my life and it was really great. I hope the same for you as you embark on your new journey.

  8. Oh, I hope you get well soon.

    I'm so glad and excited by your adventurous and unstoppable spirit. I hope you're healing well, and I look forward to all the new changes you're making as you move forward in life.

    And that was so nice of you to give stuff to your nephew. I'm sure he really appreciates it.

  9. If you have to fall I suppose that is best protected - well mine is.
    Be careful.

  10. Stretching every muscle, hm?
    I know one thing for sure, I will never ever help with a move again. And if I move out here I will have some hands payed to move the boxes.

  11. Just promise me that this is one of those times you will not turn the other cheek...and try to even things out. :)

    Feel better!


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