Saturday, 26 March 2011

Almost there...

Two weeks today, I pick up the keys for the new apartment and do a pre-move-in walk-through with the property agent. I will be the very first tenant in this apartment. I don't think I have ever in my life lived in a brand new anything! So this will be an experience.

I've picked up more boxes, to pack up the last of things. I'll start moving the smaller, lighter stuff, with the aid of my eldest nephew (thank you for volunteering your time to help me, hon!) right after that. And on April 13th, the movers come to haul all my furniture over. Then the sale of the house is finalized on the 15th, and a new era begins.

I've not lived in an apartment for many years. I think the last time was in '93, briefly, before my foray south of the border to nurse in the USA. And prior to that, it was in '79-80. I've always rented houses, usually with someone else, because having pets meant an apartment was not an option. Apartments are largely a pet-free zone here in Canada.

So this will be a 'new' experience for me. I hope it goes well. It is a brand new building, and a 50+ one as well, so I'll not be bombarded with the sounds that children bring to life. Not that I have anything against children, as I don't, but not having any of my own means I've never been accustomed to living with those sounds and find them disruptive.

I'm soooo ready for this to be over and done with. I've been preparing and packing and sorting and cleaning for weeks, it seems. The end is in sight but it is still three weeks away and time tends to crawl when you are not cramming all the moving prep in around a work schedule.

But I'll be facing south, with lots of light coming in the windows, and a little balcony to sit on to soak up those rays. I've already purchased a couple of chairs to grace the balcony and cradle my backside in the basking. I'm hoping to be able to hang a couple of planters with flowers to add some colour and heady scent to that small space.

One of the biggest challenges with the balcony will be to keep Lila from hunting birds. I have visions of her flinging herself off the balcony in an effort to catch some little winged thing as it flits by. Therefore, I believe the cats will be trained to wear harnesses and be leashed at all times when outside. (Pips already has one and knows what it is for. She loves going outside!) Much easier to reel up a kitty at the end of the rope, than to go four flights down to retrieve a broken and potentially dead carcass from the ground. And that wouldn't be the bird...

It's getting nicer out, although Spring isn't really here in full force. But that slows the chances of major flooding in the province, so I'm okay with that. Warm days (and warm here now means right around the freezing mark) with colder nights prohibits huge melts of snow. I just wish the sidewalks were completely clear of ice. Since not having the dog to walk, I have only gone out for a walk (on purpose, rather than walking while doing something else) for the first time two days ago. It was a brisk 30 minute walk but somewhat treacherous in places with ice, and only one arm to windmill for balance. I kept the other hand in my pocket to avoid unnecessary movement... as it hurts. We've been blessed with the usual blazing sunshine and the cats have taken to soaking it up while sleeping on the floor. I've had to open windows upstairs, even though the outside temperature is still just below freezing, as the house heats up from the sun. The cats have now been trained to the sound of the crank opening the window... they bolt from wherever in the house they were to press their tiny noses to the screen, ears twitching with the twittering of nest building birds.

I suppose, one day, life will regain some sense of normalcy. I'm awaiting that, although I wouldn't say anxiously, but certainly with anticipation. I just have no idea when that will be...


  1. nothing like counting days, sugar! ;~D i'm taking a spring cleaning break here on the plantation and thinking how much fun it is to sit with a friend and "chat" for a few minutes. xoxoxoxo

  2. Sounds like a lovely future to be moving toward! Good for you! You deserve something nice!

    (Wow, I think I just used up my ! quota for the day)

  3. I'm starting to get all antsy about your move, too! A new adventure!

    PS: Please don't over-do it though. OK?

  4. I finally caught up with your blog and your life. You have had so many life-changing things happen recently. I wish I had been there for you...I am sorry.

    Big hugs,


  5. very exciting. And also difficult.

  6. It's going to be lovely. Lets have a party! About the same time we finish chemo:)


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