Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spring is in the air?

Not here, it isn't. At least not yet. Those of you who bemoan the fact that your daffodils are a bit slow coming up.... we still have several feet of snow piled everywhere!!! I spoke with LHB on the phone last night, and it was +23C where he was in South Carolina. At that time, it was -23C here.... *grumble, grumble*

It is -27C here right now, and with that 22 kph wind, it feels like -40C/F. It's the end of February already! We are well below seasonal norms right now.

However, Spring starts pushing a foot through the door tomorrow. Supposedly. The high is going to be -5C. Now that I can handle! I really want to be able to pack away the heavy clothes and pull out shorts and sandals.

Yeah, I know... wishful thinking! It will be months before I'll be dressed in that garb! Hope everyone else is warmer...


  1. Okay. You get the gold medal the suffering Olympics. Compared to this, I barely rate a tin. It can't POSSIBLY last forever.

    Can it?

  2. UB: Oh no, it won't last forever. And eventually we do get nice and hot in the summer! We just tend to have about 6 months of winter per year, which is more than most other places get.

  3. I can't even ENVISION that kind of cold!

    Our weather is currently schizophrenic at best...cold, cool, hot, cold. The weather man is threatening us with yet another record breaker on Monday: 85! {29C).

    It's just a trick. Only old wives tale I cling to is "Never plant until after Good Friday"...because in the south, we'll have a couple of "false" springs before the last frost tiptoes away.

    If I could ship all this up to you, I would! Know the warmer air might make that shoulder feel a little better. Take care!

  4. Hope: You don't want to envision this kind of cold! LHB was in your state yesterday and told me it was +23C, while up here it was -23C. And up here, we don't plant anything until after the long weekend in May (around the 22nd) because of frost! The warmth would be lovely... thanks for the thought.

  5. It's damn cold here with + 5°C. Snow is gone, some of these small white flowers are trying to bloom or how it is called. WInter is not broken yet, we had now and then Easter in snow.
    And there are some days called the "Eisheiligen" for a reason: Experience has it that around the day of St. Pancraz and Sophia (cold Sofie) a cold snap hits.

  6. Mago: That translated to "Ice Saints". I don't know that I would call anything to do with cold a saint! But yes, the weather is definitely unsettled and the cold can recur at any time. At least you have flowers popping up!

  7. I would like to fall down and make a snow angel!

  8. We got another two inches today.

    It is 9 degrees here (-12 C), but we're looking at 32 tomorrow and then another ridiculous drop. I've had it with this winter.

    On the other hand, how insanely happy will we be when the trees start budding?!

    Hang in there! The End is Near(er)!!


  9. We are warmer just now but it is always a moveable feast here. Today we had torrential rain and then brillant sunshine - and that was just before breakfast.

  10. I hope your arm is better!


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