Friday, 18 March 2011

Kodachrome Kitty

I have an ancient version of Photoshop Elements on my computer that came with a digital camera I no longer have.

Every once in a while, I open a photo in there and fiddle around with it.

This is just the latest...

I was bored. What can I say? ;-)


  1. Do you realise you are being usurped by your cat:)?

  2. Flashbacks? Have some Ketamin ...

  3. Pat: That's been the case pretty much my whole life. ;-)

    Mago: Ketamine... hallucinations galore! ;-)

  4. For the love of god pony-doll, just what is it with you and cats?

    Even I'm starting to cough up wee fur-balls.

  5. Jimmy: At this point in my life, they are my only constant companions.

    You get used to the fur...

  6. Ever thought of getting a few Alpaca's dollface? They make for more enjoyable photies, and they dinnae shite in a litterbox in the corner of your kitchen.

    I can let you have a few cheap...

  7. Yea, I want to see altered photos of an Alpaca sitting on top of Lila's food dish in the kitchen. :)

    It's the pollen...brain is misfiring. ;)

  8. Jimmy: Are they nasty tempered and spitty like llamas??? I'll take the cats and their litter box over that any day! ;-)

    Hope: I'll see what I can do! Antihistamines and a respirator, perhaps??? ;-) I am soooo glad I don't have issues with pollen.

  9. I don't think so hen, are you no getting mixed up with Albanians by chance?

  10. Jimmy: Yes, perhaps I am... It's easy to get those things mixed up with Albanians.

    Oh dear... did I say that out loud?

  11. Cats are nice and lovely creatures. Albanians are a strange breed, I mean even for Balcanic circumstances. One simply never knows whom you are facing, Bumbelbee or the Hulk. That's why I prefer cats.

  12. Felines are okay, but they'll no wash and wax your car for only £3 in the pouring rain. Albanians on the other paw..

  13. Looks like Dolly Gee pondering her sports picks...



  14. your bored is better than mine.

    Trust me. :-)


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