Sunday, 15 May 2011

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Things are finally looking up here in what was called "Winterpeg" just a short time ago.

I will be happier, though, when the overnight lows hover around the 20 degree mark, rather than those single digits for the next couple of nights.

I much prefer the hot, hazy days of summer to any other time of year. And even though I will on occasion bitch about the humidity (a dry heat is easier to deal with - I like it when my sweat evaporates rather than pools), I'll take the heat any day! Minimal clothing, golden skin (yes, I use a 30 SPF sunscreen all the time), sandal clad feet and cold drinks... that's what summer is all about!

Looks like I will have plenty of time to enjoy summer this year. I'd better stock up on sunscreen... the kind that doesn't sweat off. From spending five years in the southern USA in the 90s, my sweat glands have learned how to produce copious quantities of liquid electrolytes. I sweat like a proverbial race horse!

And I don't mind sweating. It feels good, although it must be followed by a good scrub in the shower or I end up smelling like a rank old buffalo butt. Seriously. I (unfortunately) take after my father in several ways... sweating and getting stinky is one of them. Hairy legs is another, but let's not go there... that's a bit personal. There are ways that I take after him that are not at all unfortunate, though. Like looking like him (minus the beard), being tall and strong, being athletic and mechanically inclined, to name a few.

So Winterpeg has now changed to its summer nomenclature of "Windypeg". Being as flat as a table top here (which is why all that flood water spreads out so far - there's nothing in the way to stop it!) means that when the wind blows, it gets up to gale force in no time. We don't have mountains here (there are a few blips in the western part of the province but not around Winnipeg) and the forests are to the east in the Canadian Shield region. We here in Manitoba like to think that Manitoba does not suck, Saskatchewan (to the west) blows. Meh... it's an inside joke. (I know some of you will be trying to figure out how to pronounce Saskatchewan... One of my cousins has a good one for that: So~Scratch~Me~One.)

The bugs are starting to appear. I think a mosquito tried to land on me this afternoon when I was sitting on my balcony, reading in the sunshine. I swatted it away before giving it a chance to bite. Lila has been trying to figure out how to get at the bugs through the windows. I will have to keep a close eye on the screens... The last thing I need is her pouncing on the screen, only to have it pop out of the frame with her and it falling to the ground from the 4th floor. Yikes!

Along with the weather improving, so is my fitness level. I am walking almost daily. I try to get at least two walks a week that are at least an hour long. The others are in the range of 40 - 45 minutes. And I walk briskly, so I make sure it's a decent cardio workout. I have my trusty little iPod plugged into my cranium as the pace setter. My goal is to get rid of the extra weight that's crept on since I had my gallbladder removed 2 1/2 years ago. I've made some headway in that respect already, so I'm on the right track. I figure by the end of summer, I will be just about perfect!

And what more could a girl want???!!!???


  1. I would hope that your gall bladder removal was not part of your weight reduction program. They can't possibly be big enough to tip the scale in your favor in any measurable amount.

  2. I really enjoy your geography lessons.
    Thinking of your cat- how does she get out or is she an indoor cat? Or does she accompany you on your walks?

  3. All that sunshine? I wouldn't care so much about the temp if I could see the sun. We're in the thumb of Michigan and it has not been a nice spring. I love summer, as you say, I love working outside and getting dirty and physically tired, instead of mentally, and then sitting in my favorite porch chair with a cold beer and a few pages of my manuscript or a good book. After the shower, of course! No bugs yet. That's the best part of spring.

  4. UB: No... the gallbladder removal caused a fair bit of the weight gain. Getting rid of it means I can't eat fatty foods like I used to. Well, actually, I can... but I store all the fat instead of it getting emulsified by the bile that the gallbladder would have squooshed out, and then expelled.

    Pat: Both my cats are indoor cats. Lila is terrified of going outside. Pips, on the other hand, used to be a barn cat and would love to roam. But it's not safe (or legal) in the city and now that I'm in an apartment, difficult. I do have a harness and leash for her. Perhaps once they have finished the landscaping around the buildings, I will take her outside.

    Yvonne: We have absolutely tons of sunshine here! Having lived in places that are overcast a lot, I can tell you I much prefer this. Even in the winter with the cold, the sunshine makes it preferable over milder cities like Vancouver. Been there, done that, hated the damp and drear.

  5. About time ye got some good weather. Having just come back from the heat to grey Éire I can truly understand!

    I got the upper body a nice golden colour but the legs are still a bit pale. (I got badly burned on the legs as a teen so tend to use factor 1001 on them these days!) :¬)


  6. Map: Legs never seem to tan the way the upper body does, even without sunscreen. And yes, it is well past time we got good weather! Here's hoping it continues for the rest of the year... ;-) xoxoxo

  7. Glad you are enjoying the sunshine. I love winter, but it's true that the nice weather makes it so much easier to get out for walks.

  8. "And what more could a girl want???!!!???"

    Can you read my mind?

    (Just found your last email, sorry doll, I'm a wee bit behind with everyones replies.)

  9. Snooze: I am definitely a four seasons girl, but am tiring of the Siberian winters we get here...

    Jimmy: Well... ;-)

  10. As a southerner who dreads the return of heat and humidity, you still made me laugh. Grandma and I always wear/wore our hair up because I swear, it looks like someone pours a bucket of water down the back of my neck that time of year!

    When, as a kid, I complained, Grandma announced, "Those sissy ladies may perspire, but honey, I sweat like a mule."

    Who knew mules did that. ;) Enjoy your weather getting better!

  11. Hope: You ever see a race horse all lathered up? Mules do that too... after all, they are half horse. ;-)

    My hair isn't long enough to put up, although in the past (like when I lived down south), it was, and I did.

  12. ...oh, I bet you did lots of things doll.

  13. Jimmy: You're right... I did do lots of things... and still do! *winks*

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