Friday, 27 May 2011

Update on Storage Solution

A while back, I did a post about how I had to store my mountain bike, as my shoulder injury precludes using it at all this year.

As you may recall, my sister and I spent a Friday evening sticking a big brown vinyl tree on the wall in my dining room. With the bike hanging by its front wheel from a bracket high on the wall, the tree was my attempt to "disguise" the fact that there is a bike hanging on the wall in my dining room.

I quite like the vinyl wall decal idea, especially since you can put all kinds of things up on the walls that are unique and it's a non-permanent, non-damaging type of decorating. Excellent for apartment dwelling.

I hunted high and low, both locally and on the internet, to find more vinyl decals to embellish the rather plain tree that was now adorning my wall. I found nothing on this continent that I liked. Rather... I found nothing I liked that I wouldn't have to cut apart and use only part thereof, discarding the remainder, which I see as a waste of money.

But then I found an outfit in Australia that had what I wanted. So I placed an order with Wall Allure once I had confirmed that they will indeed ship to Canada. 

I picked up the package from the postal outlet this evening and spent about 45 minutes putting up the new decals. This is the result and I have to say I am quite pleased with how it looks!

I still think I want some kind of grass or something for along the bottom, but that's not a great rush. When I find what I want for that area, I'll get it and again do another update.


  1. I've already poosted an hilarious comment about this on FB, so won't repeat it. Particularly as it's just occurred to me it may not work in North America.

  2. You find any opportunity to talk about your chopper, don't you Dave?

    the tree was my attempt to "disguise" the fact that there is a bike hanging on the wall

    I like the tree... but alas I can still see the bike!

  3. The bike alone looks as if it could be hanging in the Tate but I can see the charm of experimenting with the decor. That looks attractive. You could change it with the seasons -
    I know you are in no rush - but rushes would look good IMO.

  4. I guess this is only the beginning. A small forest may be growing here ... I think you are right, a bit of grass around the tree would be nice - the trunk (?) starts a bit abrupt.

  5. I like that it's "blooming" in the Spring. :)

  6. Turned out very nice. Do the kitties pay any attention to it?

  7. Dave: No, it doesn't really work here. A chopper is usually a motorcycle with horribly extended handlebars. ;-)

    Scarlet: Well, yes, I know you can still see the bike. It's not to camouflage it completely, just to make it not quite so obvious!

    Pat: I've looked at rushes but all the ones I've found are really tall. Too tall for what I'd like. Wild grasses would be more to my liking, I think.

    Mago: Trunk is correct, and yes, it does start rather abruptly, doesn't it? I'll find something suitable at some point.

    Hope: Yeah! Me too! :-)

    XL: Thanks! No, the cats have totally ignored it, other than Pips supervising while I put up the flowers and dragonflies. Hopefully, Lila will never try to peel the lower bits off the wall. She seems to have a fascination for any little thing she can get her teeth into and tear apart. Any papers on my desk are never safe! ;-)

  8. Too be honest hen,I believe it works quite well. We have a glass bottomed rowing boat in our hallway which we 'ran aground' on large rocks and filled with a specially shaped and curved glass tank of tropical fish.

  9. Jimmy: Why thank you, sir! I think it does too. Your glass bottomed fish tank boat sounds very intriguing!


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