Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Lady in Waiting...

Well... perhaps "lady" is a stretch. I prefer to think of myself as all woman, with a touch of tomboy thrown in for good measure.

But the waiting part is all too real.

Today I received a letter from my surgeon. I was anticipating getting my surgery date in the mail and hoped this would be it. He had told me at the office that there was a two month wait.

No, this was not it.

It was to inform me that there is actually a three month wait. Gaaahhhhhhhhh!

And that they would inform me of the actual surgery date 6 - 8 weeks prior.

He also was *ahem* kind enough to fill out the insurance form I had left behind at my last visit for my disability and rehab benefits that should kick in next month. For a stiff fee of $40. Hence using the term 'kind' loosely.

As I read over the form, I saw that he put an anticipated return to work 4 - 5 months post-op. Which means the surgery will likely be in August... and that puts me being gainfully employed once again at about the one year mark from when I injured my shoulder.

I shall go mad, I tell you, MAD with boredom long before then. Perhaps I shall take up crocheting (which I know how to do) or knitting (which I am useless at) or something that does not require much arm movement. I think I will also get a library membership and read every book known to man.

I've always wanted to be a lady of leisure... I would just prefer to actually be able to leise about without any restrictions to activity or bank account.

Harrumpf, I say.


  1. Perhaps a chance to do something you've always wanted to do, art class, learn another language (Viking!), or some such?

  2. Netflix, a library card and excellent walking shoes. Maybe a course in gourmet cooking? (Or a book at least...)

  3. XL and Andrea: While all good suggestions, I am on a very tight budget so expenditures for classes and such are probably not going to happen. The language thing is a good idea, though, as somewhere in a box is a set of disks to learn Spanish. I will have to dig those out. Maybe I can load them on my iPod and learn Spanish while out walking. :-)

  4. Hence my suggestions: library cards cost nothing, Netflix is only $8/month and good shoes are an investment. As for the cooking course, then I guess it'll have to be the book instead -- from the library! :)

  5. If I had to burn some time, I'd take a ton of free online classes; english, literature, accounting. Whatever seemed interesting. I'd also finally learn how to play the harmonica.

    I'm sorry you have to wait so long, I guess this is because of Socialized medicine?

  6. Boxer: I am taking Andrea's suggestion and getting a library card, will see about free things to do, and yes, it is because of socialized medicine. Everyone gets fixed eventually... just no guarantees on speed unless it is life threatening. A friend of a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and within a day of the biopsy, she had a surgery date for a lumpectomy of two weeks later. A torn up shoulder isn't all that dire, obviously.

  7. Bummer! Maybe now's the time to write that novel?

  8. Pat: Or at least give it an attempt!

  9. Library is a good idea. See also google books and google scholar.

    Here are some other links:







    A lot to discover. You just need to be in the right mood for it. If you need to know something about European Kulturgeschichte I am ready at your assistance.

  10. Och hen, stop your greeting and make us both a nice wee cup of tea before we sit down and have a long blether about nothing in general.

  11. one word: relax

    you just got the letter and now is vent time, not decide what to do time. trust me on this one key thing, sugarpie! xoxoxox

  12. Yikes! I'm so sorry you have to put up with all that.

    Don't know about your library, but ours actually has DVDs you can borrow too. Sure they're not all made yesterday, but there's still some good stuff in there.

    I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you and Jimmy chat. :)

  13. Mago: Thank you!! For the links and your offer of assistance!! Both are greatly appreciated. :-)

    Jimmy: Ah, you're back! Give us a hug then and tell me about your holiday.

    Savannah: I know, I know... It's been a long journey and I'm only a bit into it, so I've not settled yet. But I will take a deep breath and do my best! xoxoxo

    Hope: Yes, the library here also rents DVDs. I will be checking those out as well. Especially right after the surgery, as I am sure I will be laying low and zonked out on pain meds.

    Ah... Jimmy and I just "blether on about nothing in general"!! ;-)


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