Monday, 9 May 2011

Storage Solution

There's just not enough room on my tiny 4'x12' balcony for the bike. Actually, the usable space on the balcony is more like 4'x9', as the air conditioner sits in one corner. So between my two chairs and the BBQ, the bike needed a different home. And I wanted it out of the elements as well, as it's not going to get used this summer.

Given that the laundry room's 6'5"x13' space is allocated to the washer, dryer, built-in shelves for linens and a shelf unit I put there for storing stuff, plus the cats' litter box, the bike won't fit in there either. So it came down to finding a corner to keep it out of the way but inside.

So it now resides in my dining room!  I managed to put a bracket on the wall to hang it by the front tire. Good thing I have a little step ladder and am fairly ambidextrous, as I had to drill the holes into the 2x4 framing in the wall and then crank in the big screws using a ratcheting wrench that comes with screw driver heads and the various bits needed accommodate same. That was hard work!

But the hardest part was figuring how to get the bike up there! I struggled with that one and lifting the bike with one hand just didn't work... it's too heavy and I needed to guide the wheel into the bracket. After several tries and severe frustration, I finally figured out I had to 'walk' the bike up the wall. So I straddled the rear tire and held onto the handlebars and rolled the wheels up the wall. I can't tell you how relieved I was that I accomplished that!!!

Then I decided it needed a little camouflage. So I found a wall decal (vinyl) that is put up in sections and is completely removable in the future. Friday evening, my sister came over for dinner and afterwards, we tackled this job. I had thought of trying to do it myself, but once I saw the size of some of the pieces, I knew my shoulder would never let me do it!

It took the two of us about 2 1/2 hours to stick this thing up. I think I managed to have hot flashes the entire time. Gak! Needed a shower when we were done, but I am pleased with the result!!

What I want to do now is find some more decals to dress it up a bit and add some colour. So I am on the hunt for some grass along the bottom, and perhaps some flowers and butterflies/dragonflies to scatter throughout the branches. I'll be looking locally as well as online.

It was suggested by one of my nieces that I string lights on it at Christmas time in place of a tree. There is certainly room underneath for presents! I might just do that...


  1. I love it! My first thought was, "Cool wall art!"

    I laughed when Hubby gave me a battery powered screwdriver with drill bits...I've got HIM for that sort of thing.

    Except I'm stubborn and have been known to tackle small tasks with a screwdriver...and sometimes the screws win. I laughed again Saturday: when I pulled out my electric toy to take the cover off the light in the dryer to replace the bulb...because Hubby was mowing the lawn and I knew I could fix it. Put one of those on your Christmas list...battery powered screwdriver...husband thing is up to you. :)

  2. Hope: Yeah, I'd like something battery powered too, but I'd like an impact wrench kind of a thing... something with some guts! And that's pricey. So, along with the husband thing, it will sit on the back burner indefinitely. ;-)

  3. "Yeah, I'd like something battery powered too"!

    Good job the other fella is away the noo! :¬)


  4. Map: Well, I have to leave a bit of fodder for comments out there every now and then, don't I?!?!? ;-)

  5. Very creative and practical solution!

    I have to admit to shuddering at the description of getting everything in place. Be careful young lady!

  6. XL: I am careful, no worries about that, but thanks for the concern. If I even turn my wrist the wrong way, my shoulder lets me know right away.

  7. Now that's what I call art. You should be up for the Turner prize.
    Why no cycling in the summer? Shoulder?

  8. The thing that scares the hell out of me regarding a move from a house to an apartment is my stuff. Where am I going to put all my STUFF?

  9. You are so terribly practical! I refuse to touch screwdrivers except they come in glasses.

  10. Pat: Yes, it's the shoulder that's preventing me from riding. Can't lean on anything and having my arm forward and leaning would be even more painful!

    UB: I know! I got rid of LOTS of stuff in this move... and I mean lots... But some of it was stuff I hadn't used in years, so I don't think I will miss it. Other stuff were things you need when you live in a house, but not an apartment... like the extension ladder. ;-)

    Mago: Yeah, I'm Miss Practicality. :-) Actually I rather like building, repairing, assembling, etc. I have many tools in my toolbox.

    (Where's Jimmy when you need him to make smartass remarks???)

  11. how very cool, sugar! wall art taken to another level. well done you. xoxoxox

  12. Savannah: Thanks! I will post pictures again when I finally find some more decals to add some colour and dress it up a bit. xoxoxo


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