Saturday, 14 May 2011

A shiftless sipper

Today I traded in my sort-of gas guzzling Chevy Blazer. I'm gonna miss the high and dry ride that an SUV with 4 wheel drive gives, but I sure won't miss filling the gas tank, considering the price of gas just shot up to $1.32 here (well, 131.9 but all you non Canadians wouldn't know what that meant). And for those south of the border, I think that works out to about $5 a gallon. It's lots.

The Blazer had a 4.3L V6 engine and although not as bad as some SUVs, it was still a bitch to feed.

Now, I am driving a zippy little 2006 Ford Focus ZX5 SES. It's also an automatic, which is the main reason I bought it. My shoulder didn't take kindly to shifting gears any more (yes, the Chev was a manual transmission, which is my preference... or was, up until recently for obvious reasons). The centre arm rest in this car even flips up out of the way, so I don't have to worry about forgetting and resting my elbow on it, only to be jolted by pain in my shoulder whenever I drive over a bump.

So with the decrease in size of engine (the Ford is a 2.0L 4 cylinder), decrease in gas tank size and decrease in insurance costs, this little thing is a money saver all round!

Plus it's got lots of extras. It's kind of the sporty model Focus. Leather interior, great sounding stereo, heated front seats (winter will never be the same!), sunroof, cruise control, air conditioning and all that stuff.

Tomorrow will be our first highway drive as I am taking a trip to the barn for a visit. Better burn a couple of CDs to take along!

She's the colour of wine... I think I will call her "Merlot".


  1. The Focus was tested here very well, especially ride and handling are considered to be better than Golf, Opel (Vauxhall) and others. Have fun with Merlot!

  2. nicely done, sugar! perfect car for you now. xoxoxox

  3. Mago: Before I bought the Blazer, I drove a 2000 Focus stationwagon. Not exactly sporty, but I had a 100 lb dog to put in it and the wagon worked well. And yes, it handled nicely. Too close to the ground for living out in the country though, with gravel roads to drive on. Hence the Blazer.

    Savannah: Thanks! And yes, I think I will become a sporty model too! Well, kinda... I'm shaping up with all the walking, anyway. ;-) xoxoxo

  4. God, I do love a big engine, but who can afford it these days?!


  5. Okay, I'll try again...yesterday Blogger wasn't playing fair.

    LOVE the car! I know what you mean about the "height" part...and as a short driver I like seeing that the road is directly in front of my vehicle as opposed to "way out there in front". I have a Jeep Liberty and it's the most comfortable vehicle I've ever had and gets decent mileage.

    The name is perfect. I suggest you christen her accordingly. ;)

  6. I like it. Also it's great to be green:)

  7. Nice! And at those gas prices, smart!

    I also prefer "shiftless."

  8. As i saied before - hmpf - they were tested here very well, better than "Golf" and "Astra" - VW of course, its's Opel here, Vauxhall in GB, maybe GM in Canada? - with good riding and stuff. I hope you will have fun with Merlot! The automatic may take a bit off the grumpf, but the two litre petrol can be sporty. Enjoy!

  9. I would miss manual transmission, especially in winter, but good call with your shoulder. I *love* the name.

  10. Hope: Blogger was very rude and stole the comments that had been left here... So thanks again and yes, I like the name too!

    Pat: Yup. Less gas consumption and easier to park too!

    XL: I actually don't prefer shiftless. A stick shift has always been my 'thing' but given that it causes me discomfort, and once I have the surgery, my arm will be out of action for weeks if not months, I'd be without transportation so the change had to be made.

    Snooze: I miss it too, but you do what you gotta do. At least, I have front wheel drive, which is better than rear wheel drive in the winter! ;-)

  11. Mago! I'm sorry!!! I missed replying to you. The automatic takes nothing off the 'grumpf', my friend. This car handles very well, has lots of get up and go the instant you step on the gas pedal. It's very responsive, whereas the Blazer was much more sluggish (comparatively). Merlot is a good girl... and I think she and I will have a good relationship. :-)

  12. I named my first car, and then I grew up. I don't like it, being grown up. If I ever get another car I love, I will name her. We have cheaper gas than 90% of the world, yet we complain. I think you made a wise choice, and the name fits.


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