Saturday, 11 April 2009


How's that for one big egg? This is the giant Ukranian Egg (Pysanka) located in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada. I'm not Ukranian but I think this thing is very cool!

It is made of metal and has a gazillion parts but is certainly an eye catcher!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and may you eat as much chocolate as you like without getting a tummy ache!

I am off to the store to buy more Mini Eggs.... I seem to be out, for some strange reason...


  1. Good job it isn't made of chocolate!

  2. Scarlet: Yes, or it would have been devoured long ago!

  3. This is a cool looking egg...but....

    The U loves chocolate!


  4. U: My exact preferences as well! :-D

  5. I like yellow Peeps® chickies!

    Have a nice Easter ... and chocolate.

  6. XL: I haven't had Peeps in years! I don't even remember if I like them or not... how sad is that. LOL!

    Same to you, XL... enjoy your Peeps. Do you bite their heads off first so they don't feel anything???

  7. What a lovely thing ... man creates wonders.
    "Schokohasis" for example. I'd like to have one, but this year I am not given one. So I'll buy one in the coming week by myself, ha!

    Fröhliche Ostern!

  8. Mago: I had to translate that but yes, chocolate bunnies are the best!

    Happy Easter to you too!

  9. Most easter eggs here are of the milk choc variety. Can't be doin' with that. Has to be at least 75% cocoa beans for the Map! I do make a feckin' great chocolate cake, no flour, no baking. It was originally a recipe for mousse, but I let it to set too long in the fridge and it turned into 'Maps Delicious Chocolate Cant Get Up Off The Fuckin' Seat Cos The Fuckin' Cake Is So Fuckin' Rich Chocolate Cake'.! Must post the recipe.

  10. Map: Sounds great! Please do post the recipe... I love chocolate anything!

    Any word yet?

  11. I love me some chocolate bunnies! One of my favorite cartoon's is two chocolate bunnies standing next to each other. One of them is yelling "What???" (he's the one with his ears bitten off!)

  12. HoodChick: And the other is saying "My butt hurts" cuz his tail has been bitten off!

    Yup, I love those chocolate bunnies too, but my fave are the Cadbury Mini Eggs... those things are so damn addictive, it is silly!

  13. Have a great time eating all those mini-eggs. I'm just about to start on mine :)

    Love the Ukranian egg too.

  14. Sweet Christ... how big was the chicken?

  15. Madame: The mini eggs were wonderful... and all gone... so must buy more. Enjoy yours! :-)

    Jimmy!!! Where the hell you been, man?!?!? Glad you are back! ((hugs!))

    Well, things are much larger here in the Colonies, you know... we have lots of room to grow. ;-)

  16. Awesome piece of art! Although, I'd be afraid of being around that thing if it fell off it's perch. I imagine it would start rolling like that big stone from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Chocolate eggs are delicious, but I'd luv to own a Fabergé egg! Not because they're pretty or valuable but because they remind of that James Bond movie, Octopussy.

  17. I hope not everything is big...

  18. Eros: I think it is pretty secure. It's been there for a number of years already. Just make sure you are uphill if you stand near it. ;-)

    Jimmy: Only the bits that *should* be big, are. ;-D

    CyberPete: Agreed! 'Specially choco ones!

  19. Exactly!

    But I don't eat that anymore of course.


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