Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Brief Interlude

We will resume our regular programming as soon as scheduling difficulties have been resolved... in other words, as soon as I have time, I will get my ass in gear and put up another post.

In the meantime, please enjoy a view of one of our local viewers participating in one of her favourite activities.


  1. That dog is up to no good!

  2. Does she have her own blog?

  3. Crikey, I know the feeling... I'm always crunching my gears.

  4. Hi Ponita,

    A dog in tall grass; I've seen that image before, different dog (mine in a previous life) same pose.

    With my dog, it was not a matter of being "up to no good" but more a case of "getting down to something".


  5. Is she stalking a moose?

    Oh Hai MJ!

  6. This can not be in Winnipeg! Must be Greenland.

  7. Map: She's a lurker...

    MJ: What? And create more work for me? I don't think so... not unless she learns type on her own and not slobber on the keyboard.

    Scarlet: It's a never ending thing for me... I need to win the lottery so I can retire so I can be busy doing the things I want to do!

    U: She actually never gets up to no good or down to something.... she's an amazingly good dog, although not very playful. Too lazy... just want to be a lap dog (ya right... at 100 lbs, she is not climbing in my lap).

    XL: Yes... the elusive Miniature Manitoba Moose. ;-)

    Mago: But it is! Last summer, that is... that grass was up to my arm pits (no word of a lie!) so that would make it about 4' tall. It was lovely! There is still snow there right now... :-(

  8. A lean, mean, lurking machine. Sympathise about the interlude.

  9. MadamedF: Lean... yes, and very muscular; mean... no, she pretty much clucks like a chicken; lurking... she is very good at.

    Yes, interludes suck... I have interludes in several parts of my life right now, not just blogging. One day, I will get a life. ;-)

  10. Hope everything turns out well and life settles down a bit for you. The dog is playing hide and seek!

    Although, a lap dog is a perfect companion on the porch on a lazy day with a cool drink in hand.

  11. Eros: Looks like things are just heating up! Lots more on the go now, with my niece's husband with emergency appendectomy today, my older sister coming into town next week, and my girlfriend and her hubbie coming from Texas the week after.

    Mine is a lap dog for Shrek perhaps... that is where the cats come in. They love to be lap 'dogs'! ;-)


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