Monday, 20 April 2009


your lover's soft, tender fingers caressing your cheek
a baby's belly laugh at a silly noise
the little cat's purring as she snuggles against your shoulder
feeling the warm summer sun on your face
laughing so hard with friends that you cry
the creamiest, richest chocolate
being surrounded by family
watching the dog run with pure abandon in a field
sitting, touching, and being silently comfortable
discovering the first blooms of lily of the valley in spring
clouds of dragonflies in summer
the heady fragrance of lilacs
floating face up, gently bobbing, in the warm lake waters
sharing your deepest secrets with your best friend
languid intertwinings with your lover in the soft morning light
visceral memories of those intertwinings hours later
sharing old photos with family
marvelling at the aurora borealis
music that moves your soul
helping someone when they least expect it
putting into words how you feel and sharing it
showing your love without words
and having that love returned without words


  1. "helping someone when they least expect it"

    Get your coat on Pony-doll, we're going for a picnic. I've got everything ready in the back of the car.

    ...just bring along a smile, I'll do the rest!

  2. Hi Ponita,

    "...sitting, touching, and being silently comfortable..."

    That description sounds cool to me.When you can be comfortable sitting next to someone ...just touching and not saying a word....having that inner knowledge of someone that's unspoken...that's special!

    Thanks for sharing this Ponita,


  3. Eros: :-)

    Jimmy: Ah, Jimmy, you know how to lift a girl's spirits. Thanks, hon... I'll be waiting out front of the house.

    U: Hello, my friend. When you have a relationship with someone where you *can* sit silently and comfortably, just touching, you know you have a true connection.

  4. Love is.... the greatest thing. ;-)

  5. Map: Yes... yes it is... in everything. :-)

  6. My best friend makes me laugh like that even on my darkest days. So does my son. I love that.

  7. Laurie: I am so glad you have someone who can help you laugh these days... big hugs, girlie... I know how tough this time is for you.

  8. Love and Happiness



  9. zIggI: Oh goodness me! Can't leave out chocolate.... :-D

    MJ: Of course... your fave! ;-)

  10. "little cat's purring as she snuggles against your shoulder"

    Lola did that when she was a baby. Would rip around non-stop for two or three hours. Climb up on my should, touch my face with her hand, then sleep for an hour. Repeat.

    Oh Hai MJ!

  11. XL: Pips does it all the time. And she has to touch noses with me when I come home. Always. She will yell at me until I pick her up so she can touch her nose to mine. :-)

  12. Ponita - that pretty much sums it up. Lovely stuff.


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