Saturday, 4 April 2009

In a Previous Life


  1. Hi Ponita,

    Former life eh?

    Those are incredible pictures! I love the sunset (even with the snow)!

    I had no idea how large horses stand until I rode one in Costa Rica. They are beautiful animals with an elegant and regal splendor.

    I must say, "that you are quite beautiful too!"

    Thanks for sharing the former life pics.


  2. Nice pix!

    Please, more info about the big horse with the striking blue eyes. Beautiful!

    I personally like big farm horse best, like Clydesdales and Bavarians. My grandfather had a huge farm horse. Daisy Mae was very gentle and we rode her without a saddle.

  3. U: Former, as in, I can no longer ride due to back issues, and I no longer live on the hobby farm, and the one horse I still have (Thunder, in the last pic) is up for sale. :-(

    That sunset was just an out the door kinda pic.... I love it too!

    They are beautiful in every way, aren't they!


    XL: Tanks!

    The big guy with the blue eyes is Joe, a purebred, registered Shire (same family as the Clydesdales and [I think you mean] Belgians). He was the sweetest horse... very patient and did whatever you asked of him. He weighed 2000 lbs. And had feet the size of dinner plates! My ex still has him - he is 18 this year.

  4. It was good as it was, mh? Hope so. What is that yellow thingy on one of the horses?

  5. Mago: Ah, yes, it was good... and I miss those days... at least, that part of those days.

    And that yellow thingy is a 5th place ribbon that I won in a class at that horse show. Here it is tradition to attach it to the horse's bridle and take a photo... so even though this was an informal photo, it was tradition nonetheless!

  6. *looks around*

    Umm, hi, Ponita. I just skipped on over here from MJ's site. Please don't hold that against me.

    Anyway, just thought I would gander at your blog.


    Lovely equine pics. Gorgeous actually. I like horses immensely, but riding them is a different story. I'm horrible at it. Too much of a city kid I guess.

    Right, there is my insightful comment. *smiles*

    Again, please to meet you.

  7. Maidy: Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks... glad you like the pics... and I was never a farm kid, didn't start riding until I was in my early 30s and only spent 4 years on a farm (hobby farm). Riding lessons are the only way to go... anyone can learn as long as you actually want to!

    Hope to see you in this neck of the woods again:-)

  8. Oh, I just noticed in the other comments that you are having to give up on the riding. Sorry that happened as you so obviously enjoy it judging from the pix.

  9. What a great collection. Thanks for sharing them. And may I say that you are a fine filly yourself? :)

  10. XL: Yeah... it sucks big time... but my back hurts too much when I ride, so there's no point in killing myself. I miss it, that's for sure. I truly did enjoy it tremendously.

  11. Andrea: Whoa! You slipped in there while I wasn't looking...

    Why, thank you, my dear... as you are also! Next time you get on a 'pony', though, perhaps find one tall enough for your long legs.... I laughed out loud when I read your post (from a while back) and saw the pic of you straddling the little mini horse! Too cute!

  12. All this talk of straddling and mounting, not to mention fine filly's, and bareback riding.

    No wonder it snows all the while in Canada, it has to,to cool everyone down.

    Have the chickie in photie #13 leave her number. I'll get to her when I can.

  13. It's a pity they don't make a back bracing corset so that you can ride again. It's always sad when you have to give up something that you love.
    I'm sorry to hear that Thunder is still up for sale too.

  14. Jimmy: Don't laugh! We have had 5 solid months of snow so far this winter... it sucks. :-(

    Chickie #13 lives here.... don't take too long getting here... the other has flown the coop.

    Scarlet: I do have a back brace that I have worn but it doesn't help much. You have to move your hips back and forth when you ride and that is what hurts me... even into the next day. So, yes, it is a real bummer that I have to give it up but I also don't want to do any further damage.

  15. What is that slag Maidy doing here?

    Now your lovely blog is contaminated.

  16. Hi Pon, real nice pics. 'I'm lonesome on my saddle 'til my horse comes home'.

  17. Aaaaah, cool pics!! I love the one of the little foal - very sweet!

  18. lovely, sugar, absolutely lovely! i can see why y'all miss it so much! xoxo

  19. MJ: I have a 'slag deflector' up so she can only visit if she's being good. ;-)

    Map: Too funny! Is that from a song??

    Tim: Thanks! That filly is the daughter of the white mare you see in a number of the pics - who was my very first horse. Both of them are very sweet. :-)

    Savannah: It is a totally different existence from the rest of life... and I do miss it muchly.

  20. "You have to move your hips back and forth when you ride.." I was saying.

  21. Jimmy: Yes... well... *ahem*... I haven't done any of that for quite a while either...

  22. Oh yeah, that pic with the red sky at night, shepherd's delight - is well mega.

  23. Think so, its something we used to sing on long journeys with the pipe-band whe we were kids.

  24. EM: It *is* cool, isn't it!?! I love sunsets that fill the sky with pinks and purples.

    Map: :-)

  25. Dry again?
    I have to sleep now.

  26. Thats a beautiful sunset :-)

  27. Mago: Yes, dry. Hope you slept well.

    Beast: It is, isn't it? We get a lot of those here. :-)

  28. Just look at all of the wonderful years that you had the privilege to share with your equine friends. Fantastic.

    I thought of you when I saw the scrabble hard beach ponies in mexico..scrawny rugged little buggers who must have very short hard lives...and the little burros..heartbreaking.
    You can't help but notice the skeletal dogs wandering around they manage to dodge the traffic is beyond me?

    Having said all of that take pride in the fact that you gave all of your buddies good lives with lots of love and respect. You can't put a price on that.

  29. Loved the pics and it's a great shame you had to give up something you obviously loved. Never tried horse riding, but keep having a hankering to do so. I may start with little Shetland ponies. More my thing.

  30. Donn: When I was in Ixtapa, I saw a couple of men riding horses on the beach... not the 'rent a horse' kind, but real riders. And the horses looked like Andalusians... they were stunningly gorgeous.

    But I did also see the thin, overworked horses that pulled carriages for tourista rides around the town. A western saddle with duct tape and rope to make a harness, homemade hackamore bridles rubbing cheeks hairless.... very sad.

    Yes, I treasure the time I had as a farm girl with the ponies (hmmm... does that sound a bit off?!) and truly wish I could keep doing it, but must be realistic and look after myself.

    Madame: Perhaps a Welsh pony.... Shetland have a reputation as being a bit nasty... at least over here in the Colonies they do. Besides, the Welsh are much cuter.

  31. I luv the pictures! I especially like the different horses and the cute little pony! That pony looks more like a house pet than a horse!

    You are so lucky to have ridden so many different horses and experienced a lifetime of joy in their company!


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