Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Rising to new heights

Come Thursday next week, I'll be rising before the chickens... in the dark... bleary eyed but excited. We get some pretty spectacular sunrises... and sunsets too... here on the Prairies. Having enough space for the colours to spread out and be their best on display makes for some pretty cool early mornings, coffee clutched in hand.

You see, the Man of Steel is on holidays next week and told me he had something planned. So when he came over last Friday for dinner, before we trundled off to the concert hall to watch Wicked! (which was excellent, I might add), he told me he wanted to take me on a hot air balloon ride. His concern, however, was for my not fully function right arm. The company that offers the balloon rides wants everyone to be in good health, with no back or knee problems. It says that right on their website. My back and knees are in decent shape, for someone who's been bucked off the odd horse here and there. I visit my chiropractor regularly so I'm fairly well adjusted, as individuals go these days. I figure I can deal with things with one (very strong) good arm and one not quite up to snuff limb, plus a nice helpful man by my side.

So needless to say, I am very excited about this! One evening, when he and I were sitting on my balcony enjoying a drink and yakking up a storm, we watched some balloon floating over the south end of the city. I see them often from my place and it's nice to watch them drift along. I casually mentioned that I thought that would be a cool thing to do.

It would appear he heard what I said. I have to admit, and I have said as much to him, that I appreciate the fact that he does listen to what I say. About pretty much everything. He's not what I have come to view (from personal experience) as the "normal" male... where words travel down the ear canal, only to bounce off the ear drum and fall to the floor without having made it to the brain.

When I commented to him that he's not like other men, he said "I know I'm not" and I told him that was a very good thing! I think that has something to do with why I like him so much.

So upon rising in the dark of night, or wee hours of the morning if you prefer, we will wander over to a designated meeting point, to be transferred to the launch site and there we will watch the inflating of the balloon. The flight itself follows, for about an hour I think, and once we touch down again on the verdant earth, we'll be transported back to our vehicle.

I am taking my camera and I think I will change the setting to high resolution so that if I get some really nice shots, I could have them enlarged and printed if desired. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather cooperates and it's clear and dry that day!


  1. All fingers crossed so you have an excellent adventure!

  2. Eh - said something?

    These ballooners always say that it's not flying - I do not know how it is called in English, in German its Ballon fahren, driving. I can sometimes watch them preparing and taking off right in front of the house I live in.
    I hope you have a good day, dear Ponita! Your man really seems to be of a different kind, good luck m'dear.

  3. I was outside the other day, and I heard the quiet roar of them firing the balloon up (I don't know the proper term), I looked up and there were two balloon floating overhead.

    That's so cool! What an awesome pressie to give.

    Keep him. Buy the shackles now, don't get any old cheap chain either.

  4. I have put my sunglasses on to read your post. First time this summer.
    Looking forward to your pics!

  5. Bon voyage. Most of all, happy landings.

    Don't be so hard on men. We are deeply flawed individuals. If we appear to not be listening with our full attention, chalk it up to our murky gene pool. It's not that we don't care.

  6. You are a lucky woman. :-)



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