Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's been (almost) two weeks since my last confe...


That's not right.

It's been nine days since my last post.

There. That's more like it.

Do you know how tedious it is to type and use the mouse with your "other" hand? I admit to cheating a bit the past couple days with the typing bit, but I have to stop that cuz it's making my shoulder ache a bit more.

Not a good thing.

And along with the suture abcess, which I now have to take antibiotics for, the aching bit I could do without. It's definitely downgraded from brutally painful to bloody annoying at times, so its a big improvement, I guess.

I saw the surgeon today and got the lowdown on the operation. I even got colour photos to take home! He explained what each one was and what he did, and also gave me the game plan for the next couple of months. I now have a plastic anchor screwed into the bone of my upper arm (the humerus, in case you're itching to know) that comes pre-laced with some string that he then threaded through the shredded tendon and tied it up snugly to the bone, where it can (eventually) be put into service once again.

Which means, I should be able to lift my arm to scratch my armpit by about Christmas. Isn't that just too exciting?!?!

And just because I can, here are some photos of all that.

On the left is the drill and on the right the anchor screw.

 This shows the shredded tendon at the top, looking rather like chicken feathers...

And this shows everything tied snugly, although still rather fluffy.


  1. I've skipped the photos, thanks.

  2. I'm getting used to the photos.
    What with the feathers and string, I thought I was looking at something to do with chicken farming!
    Anyhow... keep on getting better.

  3. Well that all makes sense which is helpful when one is healing.
    Don't get carried away with the movement.
    Patience now will get good results sooner. As you very well know:)

  4. Thanks for the pix. That's really interesting to learn how they did the repair.

    You'll be lifting and scratching like an expert!

  5. Deeply impressed at the photos - and still deeply puzzled at the feathers.
    But I'll not dwell on that bit and wish you well. Hopefully another downgrade from bloody annoying to a wee ache is due.

  6. Dave: Wuss. ;-)

    Scarlet: Thanks. Funny how the shredded tendons and cartilage look like fluffy feathers, isn't it? Don't think I'm much of a chicken, though.

    Pat: Patience... I know. It's not something I have when it comes to myself doing stuff, but after the bad night I had last night, I am determined to have lots!!! :-)

    XL: Thanks! An expert... ha! If I remember how, that is! ;-)

    Macy: Tendons tend to fray when they tear, hence the looking like a poorly plucked chicken. Maybe it's not a good analogy?

    A downgrade to a dull ache would be lovely! Can you arrange that? Please??? ;-)

  7. I'm wussing with Dave - and wish you all good with that!

  8. ...which is all very interesting doll face, but what masel and the Map man wannae see is a wee photie of Mr Ponita. I have £50 that says he has a moustache and a mullet. While the Map man insists that he is bearded and wears a lumberjack shirt.

    Tis a bet that must be settled hen...

  9. Glad to hear you're healing, even if it doesn't feel fast enough. As for the photos; it's amazing what the human body can tolerate and do to go on. ;0

    As for Jimmy's suggestion, bets aside, the Mr. has to be pretty than the "chicken feathers" photo.

  10. that's what they did. I'm not one for ops and gore, but those were really interesting.

    Keep getting better. Don't like it with you being in pain. One-handed typing is such a bore.

  11. xoxoxoxoxo for a complete recovery, sugar!

  12. Have been out of the loop, it seems.

    Nasty anonymous comments?




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