Friday, 19 August 2011

Slingin' it all about

I've been asked if I have a broken arm, or if I hurt my arm riding a horse, or if I fell down.

I still have to wear the damn sling most of the time, although at home I am slowly spending time without it. It has gotten very old, let me tell you! I swear my shoulder muscles have gone on permanent hiatus to Mexico or some place south. And my tricep muscle has shrunk to the size of Wales (comparatively)... The province I live in is much larger than the whole of the UK, so Wales is pretty tiny.

Maybe I need a sling with a pictogram on it, so people would understand what happened. I've not yet found one that is appropriate, so I may end up designing my own. (Or not. It's just a thought.) I think I would pick a different colour, though. For some reason, purple comes to mind. But this will give you an idea of what I mean:

After the Labour Day holiday in September, I get to start physio therapy. I have "The Plan" as mapped out by my surgeon for the rehab. It will be slow going, but that's okay. I plan on taking however long it needs to get my shoulder back into the best shape it can be. And I am not going to rush it.

And because of that, because it still hurts like a bugger at times, aches a lot most of the rest of the time, and still wakes me up a lot at night (gee, I've been chronically sleep deprived in a really big way for seven months now!), I do go around and read all the blogs, but right now, I am not commenting much, simply because of the work involved. And I find myself doing too much (like right now, typing this out) and then I pay for it in pain later on.

So please bear with me while I muddle through this recovery period. I'm still here, I still go visiting, I just don't say much. I'm just a little on the quiet side at the moment.


  1. Yay Physio! That's the best bit, I'm in my fourth week,and it's great when you start to feel the benefits.

    Good luck with that!

  2. Once there is a plan everything falls into place.

  3. So you are a lurker now!

  4. xoxoxxo for you, sugar! you've got the right attitude about everything! xoxoxoxox

  5. The perfect cartoon for the sling: Viking Girl!

  6. sorry it's still painful, but slow and steady and by Christmas you'll be good as new? Hopefully earlier!

  7. Sorry that you're hurting but at least that's a sign of healing. Yeah, a crappy sign but...

    Hang in there. I like the purple sling idea. Tell folks you had your shoulder to the grindstone for too long and it wore out. ;)

    Take care!

  8. YOur new tattoo, LX?

  9. Oh I love those slings! And although it's slow going and hell right now, I'm glad you got the surgery and are on your way to recovery.


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