Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Man of Steel

To settle the bet between (the "real") Jimmy and Mapstew, as Jimmy has mentioned on my previous post, I have decided to show you all what my Man of Steel (aka the New Beau) actually looks like.

He is a handsome example of a fine Canadian Steelworker, who chops wood on the side for extra cash.

(He's gotta pay for all that beer somehow.)

He's shown me his tools. No, I mean tools. That go in a tool chest. Like this:

He's got lots of tools. And really big ones too. I was impressed! That tool chest is almost as tall as me (I have to stand on my toes to see on top of it properly) but it is much wider (and that's a good thing).

I'm not easily impressed, despite what you think.

He also has a big truck, just like this:

I like big trucks too. I've not driven it yet, but I'm pretty sure he'll let me one of these days. He's a pretty generous and easy going kinda guy.

So, to settle that bet between Jimmy and Map: He does not have a beard (yet - will have for the winter) but does have a moustache. I think you two might have to split the £50. Here, you decide who gets how much...

He's tried to take up some of my Viking ways, but his Scottish blood keeps showing through, what with the tartan and all.


  1. He's the host of that show on Discovery Channel where he and his sons build those wild custom choppers?!?!

  2. Well I think it's obvious that 50 quid is mine!

    Now go have a good wash! :¬)


  3. And does he have a favourite tool?

  4. Guys like that used to take my lunch money away from me when I was in junior high. I'm still hoping for revenge someday.

  5. If that's a sample of tool size....I am astounded.


  6. XL: (You know you will always be XL to me, right?) Almost! That's his twin brother!

    Well, he would like a bike one day... but I don't think he can afford one of those custom choppers.

    Map: You're on your own to settle up on that bet.

    And I did get all clean! Having a real shower was lovely. *sigh*

    Scarlet: I haven't figured out which one yet... he seems to like them all. ;-)

    UB: Wasn't him. He's not like that, despite having all the tools and the big truck. He's a total sweetheart and would help anyone, especially if you were being picked on by someone else.

    Hope: So was he when I showed him this blog post! ;-)

  7. are YOU happy? sounds like you are, so he's jake with me!, sugar!! xoxoxo

  8. Savannah: I am... more so than I have been with anyone I've dated so far. And he called me his girlfriend the other night when talking to his nephew. Made me smile! xoxoxo

  9. And the bonus is you'll never have to hire a handy man again.

  10. Pat: Between the two of us, I think we have absolutely everything covered... cooking, baking, sewing, mechanics, repairs, building stuff new... you name it, one of us can do it!!! ;-)

  11. Girlfriend! I'm happy for you. It really sounds as if you've found a good match? yes? oh, I hope so.

    How's the shoulder?

  12. Boxer: It feels like a good match! :-)

    The shoulder is sore and stiff and rather useless at the moment, but that is how it is supposed to be. Physio starts in Sept. and then we'll see how things progress... Well, I hope!


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