Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thursday stuff

We had a low pressure system move in today. It made my shoulder ache something fierce all day! And it made me almost weepy, which is sooooo not like me. And that made me mad.

Tonight the Man of Steel and I went to see a man about a gargoyle.

He's my cousin (the man, not the gargoyle) and he's an artist. A soap stone carver, painter, sculptor... he spends the school year travelling around the province teaching carving at schools. He's a pretty cool guy. But then I'm not biased or anything.

My MoS and I decided we needed some food after that, seeing as how he'd picked me up right after he got off work and we'd gone straight to my cousin's place. So we went to one of the better Greek/Italian/pizza restaurants in town and had wonderful food. I think we had Lindsay Lohan for a waitress, though. An airhead, with tats on the back of her neck ("I think that tattoo has damaged her brain stem", he said at one point) who even looked like the infamous Ms. Lohan. Not too on the ball, that one. But the couple of drinks I had killed the ache in my shoulder, which made me very happy. And it has yet to return (pleasepleasestayaway) so hopefully I'm good for now.

I got refills on my hormone prescription so I can keep the dreaded hot flashes at bay. I prefer to think of them as power surges, but I sure as hell don't need them in the summer time! My doctor told me I looked "healthy" and had I lost some weight? Um.... no... in fact, I think I've put on a couple pounds since meeting the Man of Steel. He's way too good a cook for a weight loss program. But he (the doctor) makes me smile every time I see him. Actually, the Man of Steel does that too. Guess I'm a lucky woman then!

Tomorrow night is game two of the playoffs for our local triple A baseball team. I managed to get us a couple of good seats. All we need now is for the weather to cooperate and NOT rain on us! That is the start of the MoS's vacation, so after the game we will head north to his place. Saturday is supposed to be cool and rainy so it may be a good day to snuggle under a blanket on the couch and watch a movie or two. And cook. We always cook when we're together.


  1. A good man *and* a good doctor? I think that just about covers it, don't you? :)

  2. I'm pleased to read that you are happy, despite the shoulder.
    Snuggle away... and enjoy the game.

  3. There's nothing like a good meal shared. Imagine having a lover who wasn't interested in food. Hope your shoulder eases off - relaxing rather than tensing helps.

  4. "power surges" bwahahhahaah. That's brilliant.

    and what LX said.... pix?

  5. If anyone deserves some happy time, it's you!

    I'm just happy to have an extra day off this weekend!

  6. i can SEE you smiling, sugar! xoxoxo

  7. I was at my mother-in-law's house this weekend and saw a fine gargoyle. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

  8. Apart from your achey shoulder, you sound really good honey.

    All lurved up and relaxed.

    You have no idea how good it is to have good lurve news in the Blogging World.


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