Tuesday, 2 August 2011

At least I slept

I am one week post surgery now and last night was the first time I slept through the night. I have spent that week of nights propped up on the couch, as lying down hurts waaaaaaay too much and I think the longest I've lasted is about 5 minutes. I'm back home after spending the weekend at the New Beau's (on his couch) so tonight I will try the bed and use lots of pillows if propping is necessary. Which I'm sure it will be.

You can see the dressing on my shoulder is smaller than the first one. The smallest incision on the back of my shoulder is dry and almost healed. The other two are another story. One is closed but a bit red for my liking, and the other, while now considerably smaller, is still open and draining. And no, I won't gross anyone out with photos of those.

My upper arm is still swollen and bruised, with most of the colour having migrated to my elbow. Gravity has a way of making that happen. A couple of days ago, it was a lovely purple on the middle of my bicep, where all you see now is faint yellow.

There's still no moving my arm away from my body. Aside from being told not to by the surgeon, it hurts too bloody much to even think about it! And you know how your body twitches as you're falling asleep? Let me just say that the slice of pain that little muscle spasm causes takes you back to wide awake in short order.

The worst part, though, is the heat rash on my inner arm, chest and arm pit. It's been hot and humid here and armpits were never designed to be a closed system.


  1. The drainy one is intentional, right?

    Hope you can get comfortable and get that needed rest. Maybe the kitties can help!

  2. XL: Yes, the drainy one is intentional. It's the one right over the repair site and where the most swelling is. And I wouldn't let the doc close the wounds with steri-strips as they make me blister horribly. So there is a suture in each (underside of the skin) but that's it. Will I have a scar? Yes. Do I care? Nope!

    I'm hoping Lila will leave me alone. She kept trying to stand on my shoulder last week to sniff the dressing...

  3. Hang on in there! It will get better! It's only been 6 weeks since I couldn't even think of having a proper shower - now I've almost forgotten the full horror.

  4. Beside the pain and the other stuff you mentioned, trying to take a shower with all those dressings is a pain in the ass.

    When I had my infected elbow, it drained for another three weeks. Home Health taught Martha to pack it once a day, and everything turned out fine.

    Do you have to be packed, as it were?

  5. Macy: I sure hope you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, post MI. I'm following dr's orders so I can get back to having a real life one of these days! You take care, young lady! And I will too.

    Charlie: Hand held showers are a blessing. New Beau has one. I do not. I am going to get one... he said he'd put it up for me. Kinda hard to do with one arm.

    And no, no packing is required. If it was, I bet I could do it myself with the aid of a couple of mirrors. ;-)

  6. xoxoxoxox just because, sugar!

  7. Savannah: Aw!! You are so sweet! Thanks. xoxoxo

  8. I hope new beau was suitably succouring. He must have been and its a good test for him.
    Would talcum help the heat rash?
    You're doing everything you should and each day should be easier. Fingers crossed you'll get a good night's sleep.xox

  9. Pat: He was/is, and he passed with flying colours!
    I applied some talcum when I got home today. He didn't have any and I never thought to buy some. Silly me. And yes, it helps. Thanks! xoxo

  10. A man without talcum?
    (Or is it just me?
    I like to keep my dangly bits dry you see!) :¬)


  11. Oh Mr Maps!
    I am a little distracted now!
    Will you be able to use talcum without thinking of Mr Maps's dangly bits?

  12. I hope by the time you get to me, you're well rested and powdery dry....I HATE that feeling!

    Skin + skin + high humidity= just plain miserable!

    X...from an angle, so I don't hurt ya. :)

  13. We were always taught with talc to ut it on our hand first and than smooth it on the skin. That was for babies bottoms.
    I now find after the coffee incident not all my letters are working and I can only delete backwards.
    Dammit I think Im going to have to buy a new keyboard.

  14. It all sounds most unpleasant :( I wish you a speedy recovery!

  15. Jesus H. Christ what a tale of WOE! Hope you feel better soon. Scars can be kind of cool, IMHO.

  16. Heal quickly and feel better soon. (((hugs))))

  17. Hang on in there! Life is getting better!
    We all are always here to support you.

  18. Just looking in, my dear - how are you now?


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