Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Valentine for Each of You


  1. Melted crayon heart! Those are the best...

    : )

  2. Have you been smoking those pungent wee ciggies again doll-face?

    You've already captured our hearts with those beautiful eyes.

  3. Leah: I'd never seen them before! Not having kids means I don't know lots about simple crafty things... I quite like them! :-)

    XL: {mwah!} I will! Thanks!!!

    Jimmy: Oh no, hon... that wacky tabacky makes me heave. Haven't touched in it about 30 years. I get creative all on my own... no need for chemicals of any kind! ;-)

    *blushes* Awwww! You're making my cheeks get even redder than they were yesterday from the cold ... :-)

    Helga: You're so welcome, girlie! xoxo

  4. As the other fella has already said, you have captured us laddies long ago missus, long ago! Thanks for your very colourful heart! :¬)


  5. Map: Big hugs all 'round! You guys are sweeties!! ;-)

    Savannah: xoxoxoxo to you too, girlie!

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!


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