Sunday, 14 February 2010

Going for Gold!

For the first time in our Olympic history, one of our own athletes has won a gold medal on home turf. No one won gold in Montreal in '76, nor in Calgary in '88.

Today, Alexandre Bilodeau made Canadian Olympic history by being that first First Place Winner! He took gold in the Mens' Freestyle Moguls! How cool is that! What an amazing young man!!!


(Gerry Kahrmann/CanWest News Service)

I am soooo proud of our Canadian athletes! And this is just the beginning!!!


  1. I had not known about the gold medal thing there. Congrats to your Olympians!

  2. Definitely a cool moment, especially watching the reaction of his disabled brother. :) I honestly don't care that much about the medal count, though. Of course it's nice when Canada gets on the podium, or even in the top five, but isn't it supposed to be about just doing your best as you represent your country? Not everyone can win, but everyone can do their best.

    Yeah, I'm in that kind of mood today. ;)

  3. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the real interest of your patriotic head may well live in that area of tight troosers between his waist and his thighs?

  4. Nothing like a Gold medal on the home patch.
    I hope we can do it in London in 2012.

  5. Aha, that are the moguls xl was speaking about. Congratulations.

  6. Congratulations Alexandre, for getting that gold! That was an impressive feat! And Canada has all ready done so well winning medals every day!

  7. XL: Yes, congrats to us!!!

    Eleanor: I don't really care that much about the medal count either, but very cool that we finally got a gold at home, don't you think!?!?

    Jimmy: Um... no... he's half my age... That does nothing for me. Someone your age would be a different matter! ;-)

    Kaz: It's always nice to be able to cheer on the home team.

    Mago: Yup, that's it! :-)

  8. Eros: You snuck in as I was leaving! Yeah, I am pleased with how we are doing so far. It's tough going for all the athletes, but especially those competing outdoors - the Vancouver weather hasn't exactly been cooperating, but no surprise there... Tells you something when they call the snow that's falling 'mashed potatoes'!

  9. Congrats to Alexandre and all the other athletes from Canadia! When does the swimming start? :¬)


  10. Congratulations to him and, by extension, to you.

    Our turn will come soon enough. I read a comment somewhere recently that the Brits only do well in those events that don't involve standing up much ...

  11. Ro--LOL! Is bridge a summer or winter game?

    Forgive the digression, but I think the Gold won on Canucklian turf is great! It lets the world know there's more to Canada than trees.

    And BTW, I like your new rear-view mirror avatar [hint, hint].

  12. Ah, now that's the thing: if they'd include bridge, it could feature in both the Winter and Summer Olympics.

    You should know by now, though, that I'm no good with hints ... "new rear-view mirror avatar"??

  13. Map: In Vancouver, you can swim year round... if you're willing to dive into waters sure to suck the life's heat out of you in about 3 minutes! It never freezes over there... Unlike here, where I can walk on water at this time of year. ;-)

    Ro: Do those events involve sitting at a bar with pints in hand? ;-)

    Charlie: There's a lot of Canada where trees don't exist... Having never got the hang of bridge, I am quite unsure as to the proper season for it. Thanks re: the avatar, but I, like Ro, am not good with hints.

    Ro: So bridge is fair game at any time of year? Let's wait and see if Charlie gives us a hint as to what he was hinting at, shall we?

  14. Sorry, ladies, for confusing you with my very poor hint. No wonder I've never gotten even one thing in my life that I've hinted for!

    Very simply (which I'm darned good at), I would like to see Ponita's new avatar on my followers list. I want to do a call-out post of this site, along with a mention of my other four Canucklian female followers, all of whom are friends: one each in BC, AL, ON, and Q.

    I apologize for confusing you.

  15. I always love to see someone who REALLY deserves it to grab that gold! Good for him!

  16. Canada now has two golds! Very cool. Well deserved.

    I'd like to see Canada win a gold medal in hockey. Just for the vicarious thrill.

  17. No problem Charlie! And Ro is a guy... ;-) I'm on your list now...

    Hope: Absolutely! What a story, eh!

    Jonas: Hockey AND curling! You never know!


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