Thursday, 25 February 2010


Lila thinks she's found a shiny new toy.

I beg to differ!

For the past couple years, I have been keeping my eye open for a necklace that contained an amethyst, which is my birthstone. Not actively shopping, but when I've been out in a mall, I will cruise through the jewelry stores, just to have a peek.

Earlier this week, I was at a large mall in town and a centre aisle kiosk had a bunch of new stuff on display. I just about caused a collision by stopping midstride to backtrack and have a gander at their pendants.

Lo and behold! I saw several purple stones glinting up at me, all begging for closer inspection. After trying a few on, I chose one that I particularly like.

Now all I have to do is keep that silly kitten from ripping off my neck. She's attacked it several times already and grabs it in her teeth, trying to pull it off.

She better outgrow this 'attack anything and everything' phase... Let's see... she's ten months old now... Maybe by the times she's three? *sigh*

Ain't it purdy???


  1. She should settle down a bit, but they never seem to outgrow the "everything in the house is mine" attitude! :)

  2. XL: As long as she outgrows the 'grabbing everything in her teeth' phase! She's nailed me a couple time and does. not. let. go!!!!

  3. that's gorgeous, sugar! re the attack cat - that's why i have no animal companions! i have enough on my plate dealing with miss daisy! *she said ever so tongue-in-cheekily* xoxoxox

  4. Savannah: Thanks, I am very much liking it more and more. xoxoxo

    Yeah, but I bet Miss Daisy doesn't grab stuff in her teeth and run away with it!!!

  5. Simple and Beautiful!

    And the pendant is nice too!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

    Soooo... What's the story, eh? :¬)


  6. Map: Thanks, hon.

    Will tell the story when there is one to tell... Too soon yet! xoxoxo

  7. Now I told you not to go shopping during your hol.
    But I'm very glad you did - Lila's right it's beautiful.

  8. I love it, and it looks elegant against your decolletee! Amethysts are so lovely and that's such a pretty setting.

  9. I love that antique-style setting.

    Clearly the kitty does too - you can't blame Lila for wanting it, really, can you? :-)

    XL is too moderate though in saying the philosophy "everything in the house is mine"; the correct outlook for a cat is simply "everything is mine"!

  10. It's beautiful. And I'm sure you deserve something special. ;)

    Ah, the reason I'm not a cat person...they like to bite and smack you around for reasons not acceptable to me. Grandma's cat once took a pass at my long hair when I was a kid and opened up my lip in the process. Turned me into a total DOG person. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. For the love of god, is it the shoplifting that you're at again hen?

    Besides.. the real beauty in this case comes from the wan behind the jewel.

  12. Kaz: It bought me... ;-)

    Leah: *blushes* Thanks! Purple is my favourite colour, so having the amethyst as a birthstone is an added bonus!

    Ro: Antique styling is my fave. And Lila wants everything... she's a greedy little thing!

    Hope: I've always clipped my cats' claws... but yeah, they will take a swipe at pretty much anything that moves!

    Jimmy: No one saw... I'm very quick with my fingers, you know...

  13. yes that's gorgeous, I love amethyst and it's my birthstone too, that means you must have had a happy birthday recently (if same as UK) - have I missed it?! Oh no (will read backwards in a minute!). I don't think she'll grow out of it completely, where would the fun be in that!? :))

  14. That is a beautiful necklace! Happy Birthday!

  15. I love it. The setting is gorgeous.

  16. Very purdy indeed. A very attractive stone and a great setting. Buy the cat one of her own - that may keep her happy.

  17. That is a very beautiful necklace. Even the cat wants it! Good find!

  18. "Now all I have to do is keep that silly kitten from ripping off my neck."


    The necklace is indeed beautiful. Loves It!


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