Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Friend

A friend came to me today.

In need and hurting...

I offered all that I could...

I only hope that it was enough...


  1. Those are some great pics!

    We all need friends we can turn to sometimes when things get too tough. Sometimes, just knowing they're there for you makes it a little bit better.

  2. I'll go along with the comment above.

  3. what the guys, said, sugar! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. I'm with Eroswings: sometimes it's not what the friend does that matters, it's that the friend is there and wants to help that's important.

    And, by the way, I *love* that first photo - it really made me smile on a dull morning :-)

  5. Well said, well illustrated.

  6. You are a good friend.

    You get a song tonight! (And in a castle too!)



  7. Eros: I love Google for images! And you are so very right.

    Jimmy: (hugs)

    Savannah: (more hugs!) xoxo

    Ro: This person found out who are fair weather friends... in a rough spot, some people refuse to help, even when they've been helped by that person in the past. How sad is that? I'm glad I could help in the little way that I did.

    Yes, isn't that a great picture!? :-)

    XL: Thanks!

    Map: A song? For me? In a castle, yet? Tell Annette to get out that video camera! I want to be there!!!!!! Youtube it! ;-) xoxoxo

  8. I think the greatest thing a friend ever did for me was just sit there...and listen.

    Sometimes it is the smallest details of friendship which makes all the difference.

    And Map BETTER get a camera out. Otherwise we'll have to see Jimmy about incriminating photos. ;)

  9. Hope: Yes, sometimes, the best gift is the gift of someone's ear to listen and shoulder to cry on. With really big hugs, too!

    Perhaps we can send Jimmy incognito to record Map while he's performing? Oh, who am I kidding! How can a giant Scot be incognito!

    What the hell... let's send him anyway! Otherwise, we'll never get any film footage! '-)

  10. You're right: you can't hide a giant Scot in a breadbox. And even if you could, he wouldn't stop making lewd comments.

    I agree with Hope about friendship, and you did it wonderfully with visuals.

  11. Charlie: Esp. not one as vocal as Jimmy... I'd love to see Map's face when he shows up at the gig with a camera and stands right in front of the stage! That would be priceless!!!

    Yup, it *is* the little things that really count in a friendship... because they add up into something huge!

  12. ... I agree in that a lot of little things add up to a big thing.
    I hope you could be helpful for your friend.

  13. Mago: Me too... I think so... I've been told that I did...


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