Saturday, 20 February 2010

A day of rest

I'm tired.

I've worked a couple of overtime shifts this week... in fact, Thursday was a 13.5 hour day and Friday was 12. I've been working a fair bit of OT lately, to fatten the coffers.

Well, fatten is probably not quite the right term. Getting the coffers to a level playing field is the goal. The fattening will come after that.

I've done not much else.

I now have a week off.

Excuse me while I got have a nap in front of the TV with the Olympics on...

My eyelids are falling....


  1. Do you drool when you fall asleep in front of the TV?

  2. Sleep, hun... you deserve it! Just make sure you stay awake for the Canada v GB curling match tonight!! :)

  3. Yes, these olympic "sports" are terribly boring. When's the curling on? I saw a video of the canadian curling champion at Lone Grey Squirrel's and was deeply impressed.

    These twelve or more hour shifts are murderous. Made me realize again that I am not thirtyfive anymore. Hope its over now, you deserve rest. Sleep well.

  4. Enjoy the nap and the week off!

  5. Charlie: No, the dog has exclusive rights to that activity! ;-)

    Savannah: Thanks! xoxo

    Helga: I'll be watching that match for sure.... Go CANADA!!!!

    Mago: Curling is on this evening! Can you find a way to tune in? Would be middle of the night for you though, I think...

    I am well past 35, hon... well past.

    XL: Had a lovely nap. Am a little more alert and energetic now... a little! lol! The week off is looking very good. :-)

  6. When I worked for a behaviorial hospital I was offered a weekend "package": 16 hours each on Sat and Sun, and I would get paid for 40 hours.

    I think the HR lady should have been an inpatient rather than the HR lady because she was crazy.

  7. Charlie: It would take me those 5 days in between to recover from that!

  8. I did shift-work for 13 years. I wasn't the better for it.

    Have a good rest missus! :¬)


  9. I'll pop in later on and cover you with a blankie as you sleep. I'll also leave a wee oirish stew in the oven, and fresh floo-ers on the dining roon table.

    By the way, I've borrowed a fifty fae your purse hen, I'll no be late hame.

  10. Enjoy the rest! You've definitely earned it! And treat yourself to a nice hot chocolate later on when you wake.

  11. Enjoy your week off.
    Will you watch Olympics - it'll stop you spending any of that dosh you worked so hard for.

  12. I can barely remember working such long hours.
    Have a lovely zizzzz.

  13. I worked shifts for 5 years...and a different shift every week on top of that! YUCK!

    So take your nap and enjoy the meal which Jimmy has created for you....I'm sure Map can get the 50 back when they go for a pint. ;)

    Curling is one of those Olympic sports which actually puts me to sleep. Then again, we don't have icy areas to play on around here. :)

  14. Map: It's been 20 for me, but at least the last 10 have not involved nights. Those are a real bugger! ;-)

    Jimmy: Food... flowers... Such a sweet man! I'll keep you to that 50, hon....

    Eros: That's exactly what I had when I woke up! Good thinking!

    Kaz: Thanks... Oh yes! I'll be watching the Olympics.... well, some anyway. Depends on what I am doing, but I will catch it now and then.

    Pat: The nap was lovely; the week will be even better!

    Hope: Every week is different for me too. I'm sure that 50 has slid down their throats in liquid form already... ;-)

    Curling is a game of strategy. I suppose if you don't know how it's played, it can be pretty boring. I love watching a good game, and that's what Canada and Great Britain gave us last night. But we won!!!! w00t!

  15. Feet up, relax and forget all about it. Enjoy your time off and make the most of it.

  16. I know I'm a little late getting here but can I just say that I hope those days of rest are proving suitably restful.

    Good luck with the coffers, by the way. I'm counting on a lottery win to top mine up :-)


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