Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sporty shorts

Everyone wants to know what the Canadian Olympic male athletes wear under their sleek lycra outfits.

Here's a peek... the boys are stylin' and smilin' in these fancy Joe Boxer boxers.

I'm not really sure what that guy in front is doing to the guy behind him, though... and I probably don't want to know either!


  1. Maybe this will help with those naughty hockey boys!

  2. He's checking his teammate's hockey stick to make sure it can be put into play!

    Just popped in real quick--the first period of hockey is over and I'm flipping through ice dancing and curling right now til the hockey prelim starts again.

  3. Man, and I thought I had skinny legs! :¬)


  4. XL: Nothing worse that a stinky bag!

    Eros: All equipment must be in full working condition!

    Map: Better than having tree stumps for legs.... At least, that is how I rationalize my skinny legs! xoxo

  5. ok, i'll be the one to say it...a stick up the ass? *snickering* (i know, i'm not well) actually, wouldn't those boxers cause serious VPL? or at least, measurable drag? xoxoxo

  6. Hmmmm... I'm also concerned about the VPL issues that these pants raise...
    I reckon they wear thermal knickers from M&S.

  7. Just another nail in the coffin of human evolution: female voyeurs pretending to be concerned. Baloney. Or bologna. Whatever.

  8. They're dummies, dummy! So technically, having a fiddle doesn't count - unless they are like those dummies in Mannequin!!

    PS. I'm undecided about whether I like a man in boxers or scants...

  9. Savannah & Scarlet: I have to admit I have no idea what 'VPL' stands for... :-(

    Charlie: Just the the male variety, eh? Guess things are equalizing. ;-)

    Helga: I myself prefer this kind of boxer... and these ones even have a little inside pocket to keep taxi fare in case you have to flee the boudoir hastily!

  10. Gotta love that Joe Boxer sense of humor. Although I saw one athlete the other night, a Bobsledder who's country I don't remember but it wasn't Canada or USA....and I had two thoughts [1] I thought Olympians were in good shape? and [2] some bodies don't belong in spandex. :0

    On a personal note, being built low to the ground means I've often used "tree stumps" as a description for my legs. :)

  11. "Everyone wants to know ..."

    I'm officially opting out of "everyone", okay? :-)

  12. And may I just add "Go Canada"?!!!

    Pearl, someone from MN who passes as Canadian on vacation. :-)

  13. Hi Ponita,

    Visiting from Charlie's blog and thought I'd stop by to say hello after the excellent plug he gave you!

    So, hi!

  14. Boxer shorts are like Glasgow R*****s. They have very little support where it counts.

  15. Hi Ponita, I'm visiting but I can't remember how I got here. I love your hair with the horses and all! Beautiful! How did you get it to do that?

  16. They really should have stuck with spandex under the spandex, don't you think? Those resulting boxer wrinkles have got to be pretty uncomfortable, and not terribly aerodynamic.


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