Monday, 30 January 2012

They're baaaaaack!

So... having resorted to the old blogger interface yesterday to turn OFF word verification to allow Mago to comment, I awake this morning to some anonymous prat going on about Canada Goose jackets. I'm familiar with the jacket. Why he (she?) felt it necessary to ramble on about them on my blog is beyond me.

That being the case, I have turned wv back on. Mago, I am keeping the old interface. Let's see if you can still comment.

*sigh* There's always someone who spoils it for everyone else, isn't there...


  1. Well... seems Mago can't comment yet again. He emailed me:

    thank you for trying! I just commented on your blog - and as usual word verification does not accept me - it just says that the signs I entered would not be the same as shown in the pic. But I can write down something like "ballaballa" when asked to!

    We know now that it is word verification, and word verification only. So You can easily use the new blogger interface - and normally one should use the more modern software - it makes no difference to me, because you need wordverification any way. XL wrote me an email, he will have a look into the matter too.

    Thank you my dear!

    If I have urgent comments to make I will sent you an email.

    So I have turned wv off. Hopefully all unwanted comments will end up in the spam folder (as the one last night did).

  2. I am having trouble getting a handle on this problem. I can personally use wv, but Herr Mago is having this trouble on multiple sites.

    Will let you know if I find a solution.

  3. This is no spam.

  4. "Paine in the caboose" is nicely saied!

  5. Yay! Mago is commnenting.

    Stupid spam.

  6. Glad you're back in charge...and Mago is allowed to comment. ;)

  7. I'm on Wordpress and have similar problems on many Blogger sites. If I try to comment under "wordpress" it's hopeless.
    So for ages now I've been clicking on "name/URL"
    I'm accepted as Dinahmow with my URL
    I do still have a Blogger presence, but am so used to name/URL I stick with it.

  8. I found that if I sign in with my WordPress account, I also have the Blogger wv problem.

  9. It would appear to be a Wordpress/Blogger incompatibility then. With the new blogger interface, not the old.

  10. I'm glad you did so well on Haiku.

  11. Yes I often have trouble with Wordpress and Picasa and Blogger and the whole b----y lot of them.
    I have had a very frustrating morning - blogwise and am not a happy bunny.


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